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Fine the disqualified driver, cancel their licence (again), impound and sell the vehicle they were driving. Doesn't matter who owns the vehicle - apart from if it was later proven that the vehicle was stolen. Of course the legal nightmare this would create and the potential for it to be abused makes it a pipe dream, but taking the cars of people who drive whilst disqualified would likely have a big social impact and reduce the number of disqualified drivers who re-offend.

Not in English, so unless you can read Dutch, I will just provide the details below.

October 2015 a 12 year old female cyclist was hit by a speeding car and dragged 40 meters. It was a hit & run so the girl's friends had to call help and were later themselves admitted into trauma relief.

Similar to the nurse who was hit & killed a while ago in Adelaide, it caused a public outrage, in particular because of the shear randomness of the victim, it could have been anyone, and the way it evolved into a man hunt for the culprit(s). For my wife & I it hit home because the girl went to the same school we met at, and was riding a bicycle path we used to ride home.

After the car driver fled, he disposed of his phone's sim card, put the damaged vehicle on a truck and left the country. Somehow people convinced him to return and give himself up to police, 5 days after the facts. The girl passed away in hospital hours after the accident.

Later it emerged that the driver did not have a licence, he'd failed the test multiple times. Not only did he not have a licence, he'd already been disqualified from driving a number of times. The car he was driving wasn't his, and wasn't insured. He was doing 85 in a 50 zone, and according to one eyewitness he'd already overtaken that person's car at high speed. Along with the disqualifications, he also had numerous unpaid speeding fines. The driver had a total of 18 traffic offences against him when he hit the girl.

In court, he did not show remorse, didn't apologise to the family, said he was speeding because he was late & in a hurry, was driving without a licence because 'he was young' (and foolish?), and said he fled the scene because he knew he was in trouble. Despite all this, his defense team pleaded for leniency, with a whole range of excuses, and then, even though he didn't get the highest or public prosecutor's requested punishment, his legal team appealed against the decision.

The decision was upheld & he was sentenced to 5 yrs in jail and fined 10.000 euro ($15000), and was disqualified for life. He was later sentenced to compensation to the family & other stakeholders for 45.000 eu($67.000). The car, a BMW X5, was impounded. The driver has filed for bankruptcy since the accident and the tab will be picked up by the tax payer funded "victims fund". He was also released 5 months into his sentence for medical reasons, a decision is still pending on whether he will have to return after medical treatment.

And I'm sure he's driving again because no amount of legislation unless jail stops these type of people. And the girl, she won't be coming back to her family & friends.

These accidents shake me up, because every time it reminds me, it could be your kid, your wife, husband, father, mother, friend, YOU. And when it's reckless like the girl, or the man in Salisbury, or the nurse, it makes me angry.

Sadly AdelaideNow is reporting that the cyclist has died.

Sad & angry, and that's just me... can't imagine what his family is going through.

no matter how many times you take away the driver's licence, it won't bring back this cyclist. Nor will putting the driver in jail bring back this person, but it will prevent the offender from repeating.


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