Posting this video here as it may get missed in the video section and I want the girls that rode to re-live their ride.

Did a voice over with this one, I think it sounds a bit cheesy but it may just be I don't like my voice. LOL

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Great video Fred, enjoyable viewing. All those ladies done an awesome job riding that day, such a positive outcome. The weather wasn't the best at times but the company made up for it. We were glad to be a part of it supporting them through their journey. Well done to all.

Terrific video Fred. It was such a fabulous day and being able to watch the ride over is great. The whole day was so enjoyable.

Good on you for putting it together and well ridden by the riders. It looked like less than ideal conditions.

Kept the riders honest Gus and there were a few sighs of relief when Gawler was in sight

The voice over didn't sound cheesy at all Fred. Very well done. I really enjoyed watching all of it.
Congratulations and well done girls on completing the ride in tough conditions.

Maybe its just me and Tash then we were cracking up, with a red in hand as well.

Soooo how many reds did you have before it cracked you up ;)

Keep the commentary it's fantastic.

Thank you sooooo much Fred !!!! awesome video, narrating is just so professional and sincere, totally love it !! We are so spoilt with the Gawler Wheelers boys helping us out week after week and doing amazing things for all of us..What great memories you make for us to keep. This ride was momentous as was last years but to have double the numbers and the volunteered support from everyone I Cant thank you enough nor praise your generous spirit enough...just fabulous you are. I did not have to ask one person to help us out on this beautiful ride in the best place on earth :) People just asked to be a part of it, so proud of you all xxxx Thank you from the Rapha Adelaide Chicks on Bikes xxx


Thanks JJ a great experience hopefully this ride will just get bigger each year

Could not have said it better JJ. The ride was awesome and conditions did not spoil it. Our support crew were all a,azing and we have Vids and Pics embedded in history.


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