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I'm cycling about 44km a day, five days a week.  This is a big increase on last year and I think I should treat myself to a better rain jacket.  My current jacket is basically a plastic bag in which you sweat in.

I'm thinking something Gore-tex.  I'd like it in yellow.  I'd like to buy it locally.

Today I went to 5 bike shops in the city.  Only one had something that matched my requirements except it was black.  It was also $400.  I'm prepared to pay a bit - but not that much.

Can anyone make any suggestions?  I think I'll have to go online:

This would be ideal, but it's not in my size (I'm at least a large around the middle!)

This might be suitable (I'll have to read more reviews).

This is good value, but not in yellow and only a few sizes available.

Thanks for any advice.


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Generally yellow is more visible than red, especially in dim lighting. See Ambulance Visibility at http://www.ambulancevisibility.com/index.php?p=2_2

My test for colour-blindness was negative, but then rare for females. I am aware that some male drivers who are red-green colour-blind see grey colours, and determine traffic light phases by the position of the light.

An on-line solution rather than local, but I'm very impressed with quality, tech and style of the Ground Effect gear. It's Kiwi made and avail direct from their website. Breathable, close fitting (I hate flappy bags too) with a variety of weight/waterproofing options. Their venting zips are excellent to avoid sweating/overheating, which is often the main cause of finishing a ride soaked..

Groundeffect shellwear

I've also heard good things about Ground Effect but as yet haven't tried any of their gear.

I've been impressed by the Sportful Fiandre. Even if you pay an absolute bomb you will get wet. I think some of the very best (Rapha, Assos?) might just keep you a little drier for a little longer. But eventually…

I also ride 6 days a week, every weather. On wet days you get wet. Simple as that really. In our climate it's really not that often. 

A full no-rain jacket is likely to make you just as wet. It's just you choose where the water comes from. Personally I don't mind getting wet from the rain (it's inevitable anyway) so I just look for a jacket that keeps me warm - that is the key I think.

Thanks everyone.

I've just bought one of these.

BTW - my daughter sees red as indistinguishable from black, but then she has no functioning cone cells in her eyes so she doesn't see any colours at all.

In low light when our cone cells stop functioning and we rely on our rod cells we experience the same.  Red is a terrible colour in low light.  It's not so much of a problem for cars as they have powerful lights, but I reckon yellow is still better!


Thanks Simon. There are times when drivers are slow to switch on lights near dusk, or forget to as leaving a kerbside park at night.

Personally I think red is far better than a lot of other colours & like I mentioned previously, even hi-viz, be it yellow/ green or red/orange, is useless at night. On my morning commute (6am start), I prefer to wear a white top as I find it tends to stand out better under street lights 

Generally I tend to think that on a sunny day, bright red stands out the most. Other times yellow would pip red at the post but it would also depend on the actual shade of each colour.

One thing I've noticed is that council & road workers don't wear the yellow/green hi-viz but more the red/orange hi-viz. I wonder if there's a reason for that?  

Cage, wear whatever colour you like.

Yellow stands out better than red during dawn and dusk. Roadworks are usually during the day. If at night, then under portable flood lights.

I wish more manufacturers added yellow to their range. I investigated making my own raingear, but goretex is hard to find, and an art in sewing plus taping seams. No longer a pertinent TAFE course for instruction.

So how does it feel when cycling? Are the vents any good? Do you feel like your upper body is in a hot house?

A bit late to the discussion, but thought I'd add my 2 cents worth

I purchased the Ground Effects Helter Skelter rain pants for commuting about 4 years ago - still going strong, lightweight and work a treat.

I haven't tried their jackets, but i would anticipate that they are of similar good quality, and being made in NZ, are a pretty decent price as well.



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