Oh – and wind and cold and pain…

Five riders arrived for today’s ride in glorious conditions. 4 degrees, calm and even a little sunshine with rainbows... 

The roads were very, very wet – and treacherous.

We descended The Grove Way and rode via Salisbury and Elizabeth to Gawler.  We stopped at Jaspers for a coffee – the Wheelers weren’t there.  “You should’ve been here yesterday!” was the cry.  Never mind only a day late and we had brought a Wheeler with us just in case…  Mark, take a bow.

We rated the fare (not the ride) anyway.  Thinking of you Frank…

After thawing – you should have seen the clouds of steam (didn’t come out on my camera) and the welcome return of our feet, off via the SOB back towards Golden Grove. 

“Not a cloud in the sky” Roger had said in Gawler – well we got bucketed on riding the SOB.  Our feet went missing again…

Up the Wynn Vale Drive (steepish) to Prices Bakery for more warming beverages – we were so muddy we sat outside (too warm inside anyway and full of non-cyclist types).  It was nice outside when the people arriving remembered to close the gate.

Off to our respective homes…  For me down McIntyre into a freshening headwind and to stop me getting too warm - it HAILED.  My helmet rang with the impacts!

Got home to a “you’re crazy” and for once – I sort of agreed.

Good riding though Roger, Dean, Mark and Nigel “Griffo” – thanks I loved every minute of it.  105 KM for me today.

"Tough-nut-of-the-day" - Dean.  In BMC gear - no rain jacket - not warm wind jacket...!!!

Close runner-up - Roger - the Gary Fisher on today's ride must've killed him!!!

The back of my top... and this is after the final drenching on the way home.


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where are the marshmallows :P


hmmm, sort of pleased I didn't know about this. Seems I need to get out and ride with a lower form of life more often.

Vision of  the "Hardmen" on a group ride waiting for the marshmallow in the rain enjoying the ambiance of the summit, Glad they all are, that the marshmallow got out of bed and struggled behind and ruined their ride.

the Fools & Wise Men present for 8.00am roll out

Great ride today, it was not too wet during the ride but got drenched on the way home afterwards.

Found out that I've been riding too much in the wet - coming down Milne Rd I heard metal on metal whilst trying to stop. Nothing left of the front brake blocks, and only just managed to slow for the roundabout, no chance of stopping - took the rest of the descent very slowly.

Nice new groove on the rims.

You sure rode down the 1st  hill like a Tour Rider earlier.  

So we rode to Jaspers (not using the highway) and did the fingers thing

Souplesse? ... but i ordered the Soup!

As smooth as the back of a spoon

and wa drop of rain and a puncture ...

After a late night/early morning in the man cave (TdF)  I  awoke at 7.38 and thought  I  had just enough time to get ready to meet you in Salisbury............and then it started raining.  That was that.  I don't mind being caught in the stuff when  I'm out riding,  but  I  won't purposefully start in the rain.  Sounds like you enjoyed it.  See you again soon.

somsomeone said "Wynn Vale Drive or bust". so he we are "waiting for the bus .."

Shakes head.. why oh why oh whyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  


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