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FYI, I have recently emailed the Adelaide City Council & various Councillors to ask why the pedestrian/ cyclist rail crossing from War Memorial Drive to JE Brown Park is still closed.  The good news is that the pedestrian/ cyclist path on the rail bridge over South Rd (new T2T section at Croydon is open.  See pics here: - https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMrbOThTmPZzp8JKI08s96zdH5G4a5...

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Last I heard was that the automatic gates were on back order and would be installed in late October/early November. There are a number of these rail/pedestrian crossings still to be completed, for example West St and Coglin St gates are still missing.

That's interesting, but I pointed out to ACC that the TRJ & crossing construction was finished several  months ago..


I doubt that completion of this crossing has anything to do with either TJ Project or the ACC. DPTI usually have carriage of rail infrastructure - I'm sure there is a sound reason and that they wouldn't be delaying unnecessarily!

There has been extensive discussion of the opening of the South Road overpass with lots of pics - track back a few posts for more information, particularly regarding the ongoing context, current detours etc. Also see the BISA web site and the BISA and PortBUG facebook pages - they're probably the best places to stay connected with current information.


There are several Gov't bodies involved in this: DPTI owns/ operates the Outer Harbour rail line rail track & fence line; ARTC owns/ operates the main freight rail line to the north (and the fence line into the city); ACC provides/ maintains the foot/ cycle paths thru the parklands.  Many of these departments often blame each other for delays.  I thought that now would be one of the few times when the ACC councillors would be interested - as it's election time..

I agree of course Peter - I guess I was just pointing to the best place to target with any question about delays - the DPTI front-page enquiry email address. As Jilden says, the problem appears to be a broader one...


Btw, I got a reply from ACC today which said: -

'The matter has been forwarded on to our Horticulture Team for processing.'  

Now there's a department which would have absolutely no control over this!

They are probably in charge of paths and planting, and have to be consulted when public access is changed.

More info if required.
Rail crossings of Torrens Rail Junction Project which are still closed.
War Memorial Dr to John E Brown Park / Park 27a is still closed.
This park is bounded by River Torrens / Karrawirra Parri, Outer Harbor railway line, and Park Tce at Bowden.
Features include River Torrens / Karrawirra Parri, the Bunyip Trail, and Deceased Workers Memorial Forest.

I recently also reported this still-closed crossing direct to DPTI - and got the following quick reply today: - 


Thank you for your enquiry regarding the rail pedestrian crossing at the Torrens Junction.

An automated crossing is planned  to be commissioned at this location, in late 2018 / early 2019, as part of the Gawler Rail Electrification Project.

Until this time, in the interests of public safety, the crossing remains closed. The pedestrian crossings at North Adelaide Station, and the subway towards the Torrens River both provide alternative crossing locations.


We acknowledge that these alternative crossing locations may not be suitable to everyone, however safety of pedestrians is important.  The crossing will be opened once these works are complete.

DPTI will keep you informed of progress. The patience and understanding of the public is appreciated.'

North Adelaide Station crossing has been set up for automatic gates but there's still a regular chicane. The Parklands crossing has no chicane so has to wait for the back ordered equipment to arrive. 

I wonder if DPTI's "safety" concern re pedestrian/ cyclist rail crossings means that they will all have to be closed during the Gawler line electrification works - which will take several months..

I doubt it. Electrification will proceed in stages and it's likely to involve pedestrian access under supervision as happened with the T2T project. The main problem with the Parklands crossing, apart from the lack of gates, is that no bitumen has been laid across the freight line. The DPTI tracks have bitumen laid for the crossing. One thing is certain and that is there will be plenty of excuses for further delays.


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