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FYI, I have recently emailed the Adelaide City Council & various Councillors to ask why the pedestrian/ cyclist rail crossing from War Memorial Drive to JE Brown Park is still closed.  The good news is that the pedestrian/ cyclist path on the rail bridge over South Rd (new T2T section at Croydon is open.  See pics here: - https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMrbOThTmPZzp8JKI08s96zdH5G4a5...

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Hmmm, let me consult my soothsayer....

(as per Savvas' new thread, the Torrens Linear Path is now due to re-open on Monday (19/11).  T2T Alliance announced this publicly recently.  However, no sign of action this week on the rail crossings in North Adelaide.  The one at the station is still open (with no gates), but the one to JE Brown Park has a sign saying it will be "temporarily closed  until 2019".  (Doesn't say which month!)

Stop Press - the Torrens Linear Park is now open again under South Rd (Taylor) Bridge.  There are signs saying 'Cyclists Dismount' (presumably because of low headroom concerns, but I & several other cyclists have already ridden under the (widened) South Rd bridge with no problems.  I also assume it's not being 'policed'. 

Pics here: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNGUAA56FXMKiKqWErnyMnlHNTbAkd...;

Link says Error 404 etc. Try putting some snaps on here using the "Image" button on the toolbar.


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