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FYI, I have recently emailed the Adelaide City Council & various Councillors to ask why the pedestrian/ cyclist rail crossing from War Memorial Drive to JE Brown Park is still closed.  The good news is that the pedestrian/ cyclist path on the rail bridge over South Rd (new T2T section at Croydon is open.  See pics here: - https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMrbOThTmPZzp8JKI08s96zdH5G4a5...

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Yes, I realise these things.  I just don't like how DPTI use 'safety' as an excuse after months of delays.  If they'd planned things properly, they would have put in a pedestrian/ bike crossing of War Memorial Drive (similar to the one further north (to Barton Tce W) - and a signed bike/ foot path on the E side of War Memorial Dv to the existing footpath up to  Strangways Tce.  I haven't asked for these things, but..

I have also just reported/ complained to DPTI that the Torrens Linear Path remains closed under South Rd - & the new sign there says 'until mid-late Nov.'.  The previous sign said mid-Sept & was there long before the completion of the T2T project construction works.  I also pointed out that there is no alternative safe crossing of South Rd near here.  (The nearest lights ar at Ashwin Pde ~200m to the south of here).


The rail pedestrian/ cyclist crossing to JE Brown Park is still closed (as@ Sat 27/10) but it now has new lights installed/ still covered up.  They look like pedestrian/ cyclist crossing lights.  These have also been installed at North Adelaide rail station - where the crossing is open (without lights or gates operating yet).  Interesting how one is "safe" but the other isn't..  There's also now a sign at the crossing to JE Brown Park directing users to the one at North Adelaide station.  For pics, see https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipPoBtksdB24mCVkSHKeSErlN4-TIPI... 

The North Adelaide railway station crossing still has a chicane, meeting existing safety standards. The crossing at JE Brown park does not have a chicane as it is entirely new.

There's now a sign up at the pedestrian crossing (from War Memorial Drive to JE Brown Park) saying that the crossing is "temporarily closed until 2019".  (No signs or gates in place & lights not yet working at North Adelaide Station but at least the crossing there is open).  Ah well, what's a year between friends? 

There is a planned shut down of the entire rail network for the weekend 1-2 December for signalling works, and some evening shut downs during November. I'm guessing that the crossing work may occur during a major shut down like that.


That would make sense - there is some major work still required at the crossing to JE Brown Park - such as a footpath surface to be laid between the rail tracks.  This will take some time..

Btw, the crossing also crosses the main rail line north (to Darwin), not just the Adelaide Metro line, so I expect this will be another cause of delay (but all of these constraints should have been allowed for - at the planning stage)..

Some significant progress has been made on building the new Torrens linear cycleway/ footpath just west of South Rd (bridge), but a lot of works also remain to be done under the South Rd bridge (in the river bed).  I assume that the Torrens Linear Pathway won't reopen until these are finished?  No idea when this will be..

Last update I saw, linear path was supposed to be reopened in October. However the bridge widening was supposed to only take 4 months and ended up finishing about 18 months behind schedule, so I'd take that date with a very large grain of salt!

The DPTI page says mid-late November, but hey, who knows what else can get in the way.


Which year?


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