My grandfather recently passed away. He was my biggest inspiration for cycling as he used to race in his youth and was always encouraging me to get on my bike and ride.

He had a pretty unique signature and I'd love to get his initials painted in the style of his signature on my crossbar.

Does anyone know where in Adelaide I can get this done?

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Motorcycle "custom" painters may be able to help.  Sorry, I don't know any, only their customers.

I know a bloke up here in the Hills who produces stickers.

He can match retro designs or create your own.

He may not want me to post up his details here so PM me and I will supply to you Flatty.

Otherwise my brother is a signwriter who could possible match freehand depending upon the intricacy of the signature,

Or is that forging a signature !

Neither option will be "cheap" as its a one of, but a nice tribute to your Grandpa.

cheers Pete

Ex member Jim Woods had some custom decals made up some years ago very cheaply, hopefully one of the Muddies will remember where and can find out from Jim.

Thanks guys. I'm just about to head back to the UK for the funeral so I'll hunt down some sign writers when I get back.

Jase, did you get the signature painted and do you still ride that bike?

Hi Heather,

I do still ride the bike but couldn't find anyone to do the signature so decided against it.

Would someone like this do it?

Seem to be a few people around like this but obviously they are doing much larger projects. 


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