Quality cycling sunglasses and prescriptions is a topic that comes up a lot. 

I just had a email asking me again where to buy prescription glasses in Adelaide, where I referred to these links for answers.

It's also timely because if you're in the market for prescription sunglasses or just good brand cycling sunnies, National Pharmacies are the Adelaide Cyclists January sposors and they are offering $50* off (or more if you're a member) of Bolle, Oakley and other quality brands during January as a TDU special. http://bit.ly/1OIgSkT

*ends Feb 5, see website for conditions.

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I can recommend Goggleman (South Brighton) who specialise in sports sunnies (including prescription lenses). Very pleased with my recent purchase.


It's not quite that simple, as it depends on your script. Not all scripts can be manufactured into a curved cyclist type glasses (mine for example). My solution was a pair of Rudy Project glasses (which came with photochromatic lenses as well as 4 other lenses), with a secondary lens which clips in behind that has your script. A neat solution. Bought direct from Rudy Project as they were having a sale and had Laubman's do the script.

I also have a skript that can't go in regular curved glasses. Only place that did them was Lenz eye ware Unley. Got Rudy Project transition. There is a wrap around cover that can fit over the top if you want a full wrap but mine are good. Not overly cheap but got what I needed.


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