This weekend, 16/1 to 17/1, I found a pump on the traffic island of Cross Rd, Kings Park, at the cross-over from Jellicoe Ave to Llanfair Tce.  It would seem that it has fallen from someone's bag, as it has a bottle-cage-mount bracket still on it that bears no marks of having been screwed down.

If you can say what make of pump it is, what is distinctive about it from an engineering/construction perspective, what type of valve it was set for, and what is the earliest time I could have found it (or, what is the latest time you could have lost it), then leave a reply here, and I will arrange to get it to you.

If no-one legitimately claims it within a week or so, then it will find its way to the community bike workshop.

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Pump bump!

I have to say the roads on the BUPA ride where littered with lost glasses, flashing front & rear lights and water bottles. I stopped and picked up a credit card just before Echunga and handed it to one of the water station leaders.

Update: pump now donated to community Bike Workshop.


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