The Draft National Road Safety Strategy has been released last Wednesday 1st December.


Submissions are invited from all stakeholders and members of the public, up until Friday 11th February 2011.


Bicycle Institute of South Australia attended the briefing session last Monday 13th Dec, and will be making a submission.


If you have any comments about it, leave them here and BISA may be able to incorporate your comments in the BISA submission, or you can make a submission to the Australian Government on your own behalf or that of any group you belong to.


Check it out here -


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May I please draw cyclists attention to a NSW report on vulnerable road users and bicycle safety. This will inform you of what others think are reasonable safety requests, or give you hints to comment on the National Road Safety Strategy. You can download the 78-pages at the following link.$FILE/Chair%27s%20Final%20VRU%20Report%20%28Colour%29.pdf

Just thought i'd pipe up and let you know that we aren't very happy with the particular outcome of nsw staysafe enquiry.


While being cross examined i found myself trying to make a case against proposed mandatory daytime bike lights and potential mandatory safety vests.


We feel the final report showed that the staysafe committee was seriously lacking  political courage.


Bob Moore has summed it up on sydney cyclist "They have probably already approved the Draft. Hence it is a bit hard to land a good punch on it- who can object to Safe Roads, Safe Speeds, Safe People, Safe Vehicles?"


Bollocks really.


Just write a report that says safe lots and make sure there are no real changes that affect people that want to drive their cars as fast they can.


Either way if you agree with parts of our submission and want to plug or edit some parts of it feel free to make some changes and send it in.


I believe Bike Sydney, bike NSW and city of Sydney all had similar submissions, if you would like to read them also.

our submission that has a few mistakes will be updated.


we are also considering requesting a recall of the scats system





Thanks Doddsy.

Mandatory daytime bike lights and safety vests could discourage cycling, although I usually wear a safety vest. It would be a pain during the day removing the lights every time one locks the bike. On a CBD trip, I may have coffee with a friend, read at the library, do some shopping, then call at the market before heading home. Batteries would also need charging more often, and may run out of 'juice' when really needed at night.

I can also vouch that some drivers do not see me at night or during the day, so dim lights during the day would not help. Let me explain my set-up. A flashing white light; a very very bright helmet light; two red lights, one set to flashing and one to steady; a yellow safety vest with reflective strips; reflective strips on my helmet and bicycle and accessories; and 17 reflectors.

Sounds like a case of avoiding the real issue that drivers are to blame for most of the collisions with bicycles. I was surprised when the beginning of the report emphasised collecting info on cycling accidents. Although some good ideas in the report.

Will check out the scats system which I had not heard of before.

There was only one or two people on the staysafe committee that came across as genuinely anti cyclist.

There was also a few people that were very appreciative and excited to hear a bike courier speak, they were urging me on lots.


And then there was just a couple of really clueless people on the committee that didn't know things like cyclists are allowed to ride in bus lanes.


The extra mandatory safety equipment push only seemed to come from one or two people but the questioning was repeated (you could tell that other people on the committee did not like him).

I was giving examples of people driving aggressively and doing things like opening their car doors deliberately while he was acting as if meat heads would take more care if i put a safety vest on.



I will add what I posted under discussion An airbag for cyclists.

From a NSW report on vulnerable road users and bicycle safety found at$FILE/Chair%27s%20Final%20VRU%20Report%20%28Colour%29.pdf
4.125 Other potential future developments include shape shifting cars, active bonnet lift systems and pedestrian protection airbags, which will also assist cyclists on the road and reduce the severity of any crash impact and consequential injury.

I read last week (RAA samotor magazine?) that a new model of Volvo or BMW comes with pedestrian protection airbags that would also help cyclists.

Sophia MacRae posted on AC Public comment invited for National Road Safety Strategy at
So I would encourage cyclists to comment, but also demand more cyclist-friendly vehicles in the event of a collision. In August during Brain Injury Awareness Week, I attended a talk by a Professor with CASR. She said that newer cars now have good star rating as far as protecting the car occupants, but rate poorly for protecting vulnerable road users. She said that if the government made improvement mandatory for its fleet, then this would lead the way for safer private cars.


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