PortBUG has received a query from a Klemzig resident who commutes on the Linear Path:

"I'm resident of Klemzig ward area and working in CBD. I'm commuting on a daily basis between home and work using my push bike. My favorite path is linear park. I'm Wondering if you are aware of any Bike Maintenance Stations within linear park between Windsor Gardens and City?"

I'm pretty sure that the only such facility PA/E has installed is at Semaphore. However other councils may have something installed close by - is anyone aware of anything available to Linear Pathway users?


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Never seen one on the eastern side of the city. I doubt that you'll ever see one within the Linear Park zone due to vandalism concerns. The ones that exist within lit public spaces lose their tools in any case. There's an incomplete map of facilities Here. The closest one I can think of is the one at the Box Factory, Regent St City.

Don't think there are any - I could be wrong.

In as much as bike maintenance stations are a good idea I am not so sure as to along something like the Linear Park. At the Airport, CBD, etc, sure, central locations.

My solution which lives happily in my bag - saved me big time when my chain snapped unexpectedly!

The only one on linear path I'm aware of is one of the Charles Sturt council bike stations located in Tedder Reserve, Flinders Park. I see people using it quite a bit, so it seems to be well maintained. I've not seen one on linear path on the eastern side of Adelaide though.

There's a couple near linear path in the city - Adelaide Uni has a couple for example

There's one on the West Torrens side also, near Holbrooks Road. You can see it from the road, here.

Interestingly Google has been along the path under the bridge. Link.

Gemma, is that in Underdale or Torrensville? I assume that installed by West Torrens Council.
Another one to add to my list of 20 bike service stations in Adelaide Greater Metropolitan area.

Heather, Neither. Flinders Park. See my google link.

The intersection of River Torrens and Holbrooks Rd is surrounded by three suburbs in two councils.
So the bike station is in Flinders Park in Charles Sturt Council area.

Deffo City of West Torrens. You can see the council logo on the station! Maybe Underdale. The boundary of Flinders Park and Underdale isn't exactly on the river, either.

Yep, it's in Underdale. Saw someone using it this morning so it seems to be functional.


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