If you travel Prospect Rd by bicycle or car, please be aware of a new hazard introduced by 9-Jan-2018, reported to Prospect Council, and not yet remedied. The footpath has been extended and now obstructs the bicycle lane. There are no warning signs for cyclists, or to alert drivers to the possibility of cyclists veering around the new protuberance. By 17-Jan-2018 a concrete median added, and decreased space for a vehicle to veer around a cyclist. 

  1. On the western side, mid-block between Alexandra St and Albert St, the footpath has been extended into the carriageway, obstructing the bicycle lane. The bicycle lane is about 1.35 m wide at its maximum, and the footpath extension is about 1.88 m.

Some guidelines might have been overlooked:

  • There is no warning signage installed temporarily on, or permanently in, the extended footpath to highlight the cycling obstruction. This hazard was even less noticeable before new foliage planted here.
  • The previously painted white line of a bicycle lane directs cyclists into this obstruction. Yet guidelines suggest removal of old pavement markers that might misdirect road users.
  • The grey kerb extension is not painted with white retroreflective paint.
  • Prior to roadworks commencing, a guideline recommends identification of potential hazards and the development of a procedural statement, while considering all road users.
  • A DPTI guideline discourages adding squeeze points to Major Cycling Routes like Prospect Rd.

If a cyclist does notice the new footpath in time not to crash, then need to swerve around it. I observed vehicles continuing their straight line, without catering for the squeeze point. A cyclist riding through the squeeze point needs to be fearless and rely on vehicles veering around the bicycle. 

  1. By 23-Jan-2018 the western lane was trenched and roughly backfilled, leaving an unacceptable step for cycling. On 25-Jan-2018 I observed motor vehicles bumping over this trench, so consider a lightweight bicycle with two skinny tyres and no suspension. By 27-Jan-2018 the trench was filled and asphalted.
  2. On the western side between Alexandra St and Albert St, and the eastern side between Percy St and Farrant St, both new gutters are elevated above the road surface. A sloping strip of new black bitumen connects each gutter to the main road surface. Consequently the useable width of both bicycle lanes has been halved, and cyclists are forced closer to overtaking vehicles.

Thanks to AC member Bicycle Fish for the photos.

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I have reported this on 27 January 2018 and to Prospect Council online complaints and to the Director Infrastructure & Environment and to the Mayor.


Cr Kristina Barnett

Cr Kristina Barnett, you attended the Prospect Council Meeting on 23-Jan-2018, and would be aware that Cr Matt Larwood reported this cycling hazard then. After the meeting closed, there was a discussion regarding the cycling hazard. I explained that on 9-Jan-2018 I inquired at council, and was waiting for a return phone call. A council director asked me to forward my report (a draft while I waited for a return call from council). So as coordinator of Prospect BUG, I emailed a detailed report, with ongoing observations, measurements and referenced guidelines.

On 27-Jan-2018 there were still no temporary orange cones to warn cyclists of the new footpath obstructing the bicycle lane. So I posted this AC discussion as a public warning to Prospect cyclists. On 29-Jan-2018 there were still no orange cones. It is disappointing when cycling safety is overlooked, and on a busy arterial road which DPTI classifies as a Major Cycling Route.

Do you know how a local council gets DPTI approval to obstruct a bicycle lane on a DPTI road?


Also discussed at the 23-Jan-2018 Prospect Council Meeting was the Main North Rd Concept Plan. Main North Rd is also a Major Cycling Route. Some have been lobbying to remove the bicycle lanes, to replace with wider footpath reserves and artwork.

Earlier at a 27-Apr-2017 public meeting organised by council, a displayed sketch showed no bicycle lanes, not even the current peak-hour bicycle lanes. As coordinator of Prospect BUG, I objected to the presenting authorities of Prospect Council, a contracted planner and DPTI.

The 23-Jan-2018 meeting agenda included attached report with draft plan showing bicycle lanes, but still not assured. Council agenda, page 319 / 322: “Road configuration: Future considerations ... Remove bike lanes along Main North Rd. Removing bike lanes would primarily create opportunity to extend the footpath widths ... However, removing the bike lanes for footpath widening, formalised parking or landscaping would likely not be supported by the Department [DPTI].”

I listened carefully to the formal council discussion and a suggestion that Council can push DPTI, where Council and DPTI views do not align. A video of the council meeting is currently available on the Prospect Council website at http://www.prospect.sa.gov.au/page.aspx?u=1342 Listen to the video from about 1 hr 20 min in, for about 15 minutes.

Cr Barnett, will you advocate for retention of the Main North Rd bicycle lanes in the future (if you are re-elected this year)?


Heather, Coordinator of Prospect BUG

Thanks Heather for your detailed posts -always informative.  Happy to have supported my fellow West Ward Cr Matt Larwood and you in the push to have safe bike lanes.  The more support , the better! The Main North Rd Concept Plan reports are ongoing with discussion with various stakeholders and recently included pertinent points from Chairperson of BISA. Like other cyclists, road users and pedestrians, I just want to feel and be safe when travelling and that includes Main North Road.

Kristina, you have not answered my question.
Will you support retention of the Main North Rd bike lanes on this designated Major Cycle Route?
Or will you support a lobby to remove bike lanes to make space for wider footpaths and artwork?

Prospect residents who cycle want to know if their council representatives and/or candidates support bicycle lanes on Main North Rd.

Cr Kristina Barnett has not answered the posted question: Will you advocate for retention of the Main North Rd bicycle lanes in the future (if you are re-elected this year)?

At the Prospect Council meeting of 23-Jan-2018, a discussion of Item 13.5 Main North Road Concept Plan. Recorded on council video from 1h 18m to 1h 36m. At 1h 21m, Cr Kristina Barnett’s approximate words: Supportive of the thrust of the report. Some of our things we liked to have done, and some things DPTI may not be in favour, but has not always stopped Council and we can push things ...

You can check this for yourself. The video is currently available via the council website http://www.prospect.sa.gov.au/page.aspx?u=1342

Prospect Council gives the impression that it supports cycling. For example, council has hosted stages of the Tour Down Under. When TDU bids unsuccessful, council still hosts a Tourrific Prospect Street Party on Prospect Road. This year the party was held on 15-Jan-2018, just days after council completed work to unsafely obstruct a Prospect Road bicycle lane.

The photo shows the footpath recently extended across the bicycle lane.

"This is very backward thinking to restrict the bicycle lane. I think some of the Councillors should get out there and ride their bikes just to find out what it's like to have to veer out into the traffic coming from behind.

I just cannot see any reason to have this type of protrusion.

Have they got too much money (ratepayers) to spend / waste?

If they need more room on the footpaths, why not get rid of the rubbish bin, the telephone box, the plants, the advertising boards?

By the way, where are all the pedestrians?"

It seems that some consider it OK to obstruct a bicycle lane on Prospect Rd. How would drivers react if a travel lane blocked?
I read how Prospect residents reacted in the past. In the 1800s Prospect Rd was not a through road to the city. So residents gathered together to knock down the obstructing private fence.

When I saw the draft council minutes re this cycling hazard, I emailed council about the inaccuracy:
– The cycling hazards located between Alexandra St and Victoria St, not Victoria St and Alexandra St.
– The major hazard actually a new footpath protruding across the bicycle lane. The attached photo showed bicycle lane markings, so not about bicycle lane linemarking missing.
– Also stated at the meeting that a new trench across the western lane was a cycling hazard.

However, the poorly worded draft minutes of the 23-Jan-2018 meeting were not modified, but instead confirmed at the 27-Feb-2018 meeting. See the two extracts below.

Extract from Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Council of the City of Prospect held on 23-Jan-2018.
Mayor D O’Loughlin sought leave of the meeting to allow Cr M Larwood to raise a matter of urgent business regarding the bicycle lane on Prospect Rd.
Leave granted.
Cr M Larwood stated that the bicycle lane linemarking is missing from Prospect Road between Victoria St and Alexandra St due to safety concerns.

Extract from Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Council of the City of Prospect held 27-Feb-2018.
Item 4: Confirmation of Minutes:
Cr K Barnett moved Cr M Standen seconded
The Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Council held on Tuesday 23-Jan-2018, the Minutes of the Special Council Meeting held on Tuesday 6-Feb-2018, and the Minutes of the Special Council Meeting held on Tuesday 13-Feb-2018 be taken as read and confirmed as a true record.

Council meeting documents are available via www.prospect.sa.gov.au/page.aspx?u=1342
What Cr Larwood said verbatim has been edited out of the council film of the meeting.
You can check the location, plus photo of the bicycle lane hazard.

Update on Prospect Rd Hazard – Part 1
For full report of Summary, Detail and References, see the attached file FullReport in a post below.
Also attached the plan[1], photos [1–6] and crash marking photos[7–13]. 

Summary – Part A
In 2018 changes were made to Prospect Rd, in the street block between Alexandra St and Albert St on the western side, and Percy St and Farrant St on the eastern side. There have been cycling safety issues due to the roadworks and altered road design. Some business proprietors object to the reduction in car parking.

On 23-Jan-2018 Cr M Larwood reported two hazards at the Prospect Council Meeting under the topic ‘urgent business’. In Jan-2018 and Feb-2018 the BUG raised multiple concerns (verbal and written).

Images that introduce the area:
— 1_PlanProspectRd of 10-Nov-2017
— 2_BikeLaneShock by 27-Jan-2018
— Google ‘au 216 Prospect Road SA’ and navigate image of Mar-2018
— 3_LookingNorthFrom218 on 30-Jun-2018
— 4_LookingSouthFrom230 on 30-Jun-2018

Some changes were made between Jan-2018 and Jun-2018:
— Jan-2018 - The south-western trench was properly filled.
— Feb-2018 - The old bike lane that dangerously directed cyclists into the new western footpath extension was removed. Replaced by new bike lane which veers around the protuberance. This required the car lane to narrow and veer, but not all drivers take heed.
— May-2018 - The road was built-up when re-surfaced. The new gutters of Jan-2018 are no longer elevated above the road surface; or the bike lane surface sloped such that the usable bike lane width halved and cyclists forced closer to overtaking vehicles; or sheets of water collecting in the bike and car lanes.
— Jun-2018 - A kerbside yellow line was painted around the western footpath protuberance, and continues north. However, unenforceable until removal of a contradictory sign.
— Pending are green-coloured bicycle lanes across the four intersections.

On 4-Jun-2018 a car crashed into a parked vehicle, which was shunted onto the footpath. A startled tradie working on the footpath was knocked from a ladder. Currently green spray paint documents the important crash marks.[7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13]. Verified by business proprietors and DPTI. In theory Prospect Council was informed of the crash because of property damage to a public rubbish bin.

Update on Prospect Rd Hazard – Part 2
See post above and post below.

Summary – Part B
Currently suggested improvements (5 earlier and 3 new):
— Remedy the contradictory signage of stated parking hours combined with kerbside yellow line, in the north-western segment.[5]
— Install signage that parking not permitted when the peak-hour bicycle lane is operational. At the southern side of the western footpath protuberance, where the parking bay width is narrower than a car.
— Paint with white retroreflective paint the kerb of the western footpath protuberance, as suggested by guidelines.[14] Thus make the current grey cement kerb more visible to cyclists using small lights at night.
— Install a warning sign of lateral change of direction (white arrow on black background) on the southern edge of the western footpath protuberance.
— Colour the bicycle lane green where it veers around the western footpath protuberance, and the car lane narrows and veers. Not all motorists take heed, plus a bus needs to keep far right to give a cyclist clearance. Schedule work with the pending green bike lanes across the four intersections.
— Remove the two saplings in the western footpath, before they become large nuisance trees.[17, 18, 19]
— Manage roadworks better in the future, especially for safety of vulnerable cyclists.
— Do not duplicate this plan on arterial roads within Prospect.

It appears that:
— Some business proprietors did not support the footpath extension and loss of car parking.
— The plan and roadworks needed more thoughtful consideration.
— The roadworks were poorly managed from a cyclist safety perspective.
— The project would not rate high in the Safe System approach as per the National Road Safety Strategy.

Detail ...

Update on Prospect Rd Hazard – Part 3
See two posts above.

1_PlanProspectRd plan of 10-Nov-2017
2_BikeLaneShock photo 27-Jan-2018
3_LookingNorthFrom218 photo 30-Jun-2018



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