Noticing a few of the new priority bike lights at a few intersections around the Adelaide CBD, including:

east bound on Pirie St at the junction with Pultney St

westbound on South Terrace at the junction with Pultney St

Hoping that the Adelaide City Council and/or DPTI (Colin Maher) might be able to comment on how these are meant to work? With a green bike light (all other lights red) can you turn left, straight ahead and turn right? ie a green bike light means that all vehicular traffic is on red so bikes can go any direction.

I came up to the one on South Terrace/Pultney St for the first time today, got the green bike light and turned right into Pultney. But only after I turned did I think about which direction the green bike light was allowing me to go  - without putting myself into the path of a car - tbh I felt a little exposed all of a sudden!

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When the green bike light is on you get to go whichever direction you need. They're great and there should be more of them to facilitate right hand turns for cyclists.

I would love to see a priority light at the intersection of Waymouth St and Morphett St. This has to be one of the worst intersections for cyclists if you want to go around Light Square. The bike lane puts you into conflict with cars that want to continue straight, down Waymouth St. Most cyclists have learnt to give a right hand signal so cars know you are following the bike lane around the square. 


Unless I can take the left hand car lane, I generally stop on the left, just past the intersection, wait for the lights to change (or all cars to go through), then cross over onto the bike lane that I should have been able to remain in.  A pseudo hook turn if you will.  I've had too many close calls giving a right signal.  The majority of cars just don't seem to understand that 'going straight' (continuing up Waymouth) is effectively a left hand turn for them there, crossing over a bike lane.  The green paint does nothing.

Does anyone know who we request this too?  It's probably the most dangerous part of my commute home and it'd be great to see it "fixed".

Contact Anna McDonald, the bike planner at ACC.

It should possible to have a bike storage area well where Waymouth St meets Morphett St, ie beyond the pedestrian crossing.

I have a vague recollection that this Light Square problem was being looked at, have to do some digging.

That would be good. Each day I make a right-hand turn back through the square from here, so I actually use the right-hand lane and go like hell to get around the square without holding up traffic. No problems so far, but one say some idiot will probably take exception to it and do something stupid to me. A priority signal would get me through and across to the right with no problems.

I think theyre great as well but motorists dont understand them either. I have seen several comments on Adelaidenow about motorist complaining of the amount of cyclists that go through red lights especially at the intersection of Pult and Pirie.

I think they're specifically in spots where a lot of cyclists make right-hand turns

Which one sorry?

Oh, gotchya

Pulteney St / Pirie St and Pulteney St / South Tce have phases allowing cyclists to turn left / right or move straight through from the bike box prior to other traffic moving

There are new bike boxes on Pirie St at the intersection with Frome Rd. I wonder if they are going to put in bike signals for the intersection... I just hope it's not as a solution for not extending Frome Rd bike lanes all the way to North Terrace.


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