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Bicycle security
Published on SAPOL web.

South Australia Police has teamed up with Watch SA and Bicycle SA to develop a 'Bicycle Passport - A guide to keeping your bicycle safe', providing simple security steps for cyclists to avoid becoming a victim of crime.
The Bicycle Passport, initiated by SAPOL's new Community Relations Section will be launched this weekend at the Ride Like Crazy cycling event. South Australia Police adopted the Ride Like Crazy community event which first began in Jan-2009 to raise funds for charities with a focus on cancer research, prevention and treatment and to promote road safety.
The passport works by asking bicycle owners to write down identifying features and take a photograph of the bicycle to make it easy to identify if stolen. Crime prevention tips also urge owners to 'lock your bicycle effectively - always lock your bicycle's frame and both wheels to a secure object'. Help to protect your bike by following the advice in this passport.
Download a copy of the Bicycle Passport at
or contact your Local Service Crime Prevention Section.

Bicycle Passport
on SAPOL web at

From the Bicycle Passport, which includes space for a photograph.
Record your bicycle details:
Make / model:
Type (men’s / ladies / racing / mountain / bmx):
[Colour: this was omitted]
Frame / serial number:
Frame size:
Wheel size:
Tyres (make / colour):
Gears (make / type / number):
Handlebar type (standard / straight / racing / mountain):
Pedal type (rubber / metal / reflector):
Saddle (colour / plastic / leather):
Identifying marks (stickers / badges / damage / repairs):
Security mark (type & position):
Insurance company:

To increase chance of bicycle recovery, if stolen.
Engrave and/or mark with UV pen your bicycle near the bottom bracket.
Also appropriately mark your accessories including lights, pump, saddle, etc.
Use your driver's licence number, preceded with letter S for South Australia.
If no driver's licence, see an SA Customer Service Centre about 'Applying for a proof of age card'.
You can organise the engraving through Neighbourhood Watch or SAPOL event, and get a small sticker to warn thieves that the bike has been marked. SAPOL Crime Prevention might know when the next marking event – phone 8172 5825.

If metal frame liable to rust, perhaps clear nail polish or similar would stop it.

Police encourage engraving items so that it decreases resale value and discourages theft, or easier to identify if stolen. Some Neighbourhood Watch groups loan out engravers but basic ones inexpensive. If identifying your tools, an idea to add some bright paint – less likely to be accidentally stowed in your mate's tool box when working together. For objects that cannot be engraved, mark with a UV pen and/or take photos of the items.

To increase chance of bicycle recovery, if stolen.
Put multiple data dots on your bike to make it easier to identify if stolen.

Register your bike with My Bike Rego The bike details are stored in a database and shared with police. You get hard to remove stickers personalised for your bike to warn that the bike is registered and this all aids in helping recover your bike. (Advice from an AC member.)

Attach a GPS tracker.
This is interesting to watch, especially the GPS tracker bikes. "Had it for years have you? Well look under the seat, see that, that's a GPS tracker.” (Posted on AC on 13-Sep-2012).

Insure your bicycle
Some info on AC group Look For Cyclists under topic insurance at

Bicycle Identification

• Etch a security number into the bike. Often this is done using an engraver and adding a security number underneath the bottom bracket. It is also a tell-tale sign of a stolen bike if the bottom bracket has been 'shaved' to remove the identification code.

• A laminated card with your name and contact details can be rolled up and inserted in the seat tube, bars, seat post or steerer tube so that if it is stolen and you see it on the street or in a pawn shop you can easily identify it.

• Take a note of your bike serial number, unique details and make a photo.

• Personalise the bike with features that are unique to your bike (e.g. stickers and parts).

• With the Datadot DNA Kit your bike is marked with laser etched uniquely identified tags and UV reactive glue that is virtually invisible to the naked eye though is visible with a UV light.

mybikeREGO is the Australian version of the UK Bike Revolution concept. You can register your bikes in the database for free. As a form of recording your bike info and there are also paid plans which include Pulse ID tags (QR stickers for the bike) that make it easier to track and identify you as the owner should a bike be stolen. The mybikeREGO concept has some differences to the UK Bike Revolution concept. For the record, further details are here Bike Revolution


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