I read this article this morning and coming from a Melbourne paper thought it was extremely complimentary to our big race(only managed one 'kindof' F1GP dig)
Heaven on wheels: is this Australia's perfect tourist event?

It's heaven for MAMILs and it can't be faulted. Sorry, Melbourne, but Adelaide is home to an event that's damn near perfect, writes Simon Morris.

Africa may be thousands of kilometres to the west, but once a year South Australia is just a vowel and a consonant away from the Serengeti.

The vast hordes of Middle Aged Men in Lycra (MAMILs) who swarm through its valleys are a mammalian migration as spectacular as the wildebeest who pour over the grasslands under the hungry eyes of hilltop lions.

South Australia's hills are for growing grapes rather than predatory stalking, but each January they are witness to a display of snorting nostrils, terror-wide eyes and thumping hearts to rival anything you can see on the African plain.

As you can see from my video below, it's not just MAMILs who get to ride a stage of the Tour Down Under, but their numbers can't fail to impress.

You can spot the gathering begin at almost any Australian airport in the week of the Tour as queues of men pushing large rectangular bike boxes form at oversize baggage.

If this begins to sound like something only for hardcore cyclists let me say right away that having experienced it, it seems almost like the perfect event, for reasons I hope I can make clear.

Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/travel/activity/active/heaven-on-wheels-is...
I'm hearing so many good things about the TDU from inter-stsaters, wont be long before it is 'discovered' and no longer the best kept secret.

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you could not get a more favourable piece of print than that,  just keep an on eye on those vics!

Great article. Thanks for passing it on.

This is a good write up, but Im a bit wary of Vic's. If they like something we have, they have been prone to trying to take it from us.

Nice article and pretty much sums up what we could all have told them - but you have heard of cash for comment? This was one of those travel articles where the writer travels as a guest of SA Tourism. They wouldn't pay for a negative article would they?


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