Got an email notifying me of a post from a James Pollard. Asking for direct communication via an email address. If this is legit, please respond here and I'll get back

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to you. Otherwise will ignore.

I got the same from Pollard. I'm ignoring it. (And despite the anglo name, the language he uses is not colloquially correct so probably overseas spam.)

I haven't been active on this forum since I left ADL, but got the same email this morning. Checked in here to see if there was also a message in my inbox, which there wasn't so it made me think the Adelaide Cyclists server may have been hacked to acquire all the email addresses.

I recommend NOT opening the link and deleting the email.

happy cycling!

Thanks for the hint.
The Adelaide Cyclists forum does not have a member of the name James Pollard.
So agree that best to delete any such email without opening.

Got that too... Why is it a scam? 1.The use of English is by someone who did not learn it as their mother tongue. 2. The secret nature of the transaction. 3. the use of a 'burner's E-mail address. 4. The 'God bless' rubbish at the end. 5. Profile set to private and no discernable past activity or contribution. Looks, smells, tastes, reads as, sounds like and IS a scam.

Our moderator has acted on this, and the one responsible removed from the site.

I received another one of those emails. For the site admin, the name on this email was Maris Ahmed and associated email

I enjoy still receiving the occasional update from this forum / website but if these emails persist I will be closing down my account.

Yesterday there was a new member of that name, gone now. Maybe the prob has been fixed. Still forwarded your comment to a website manager.

Heather, it might be that nothing can be done about it.

Ever since I got my last phone number I get frequent phonecalls from overseas numbers. They don't wait for a pick-up, I think the scam is somehow linked to calling back after a missed call (which I don't do, and don't recommend if anyone else receives similar calls). I'm well aware they're just targeting random numbers generated from a computer.

Since Scomo's tax handouts I've also become a target for the ATO scam calls.

Likewise there was an article in the paper about PayID being scammed, where scammers are randomly entering numbers to see if a name match comes up against it, so then they can use the number (now known to be a real one) and name to further their ID thefts.

All these scams are based on targeting low level security and hoping for a reaction.

It might be that random websites with low level security are being targeted in a similar spray&pray attack and then see who reacts.

I got the same email and same contacts as Wayne B. So can anyone write you a message on this forum? I thought you had to be a member? Have a great day all.

I want to report this scam, possible identity theft contact as well. Message is:

J Pollard added a comment to your profile on Adelaide Cyclists

Good Day,

How is everything with you, I picked interest on you after going through your short profile and deemed it necessary to write you immediately. I have something very vital to disclose to you, but I found it difficult to express myself here, since it's a public site.Could you please get back to me on ( ) for the full details.
Have a nice day
Thanks God bless.


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