Hi Port Bikers,

I'd like to just give a plug for the Port Adelaide Bike Forum on facebook. Admin by PortBUG it's for anyone remotely interested in the further development of a comprehensive and A-Class Active Transport & Bike Network for the Port Adelaide/Enfield Area.

The half-dozen activist-types who drive PortBUG along are getting a bit 'old and tired' (though the ladies in our group are of course looking younger every day!) And unfortunately we can't be everywhere and be aware of every bike/ped/mobility issue or opportunity across this very large council area. So we figured we needed a way to harness broader input and discussion.

That's when we discovered this facebook thingy! So far we've got 30+ members and people are starting to use the forum to highlight their main issues, gripes, concerns etc. Exactly what we were after! We'll need to figure out the most effective way to use the new information generated by this discussion.

PA/E is about half-way through it's Bike Plan (which concludes in 2020) and we've started to discuss with the Council the best way to approach finishing off this one and starting anew. It'll be super important that we have as broad an input as possible to the new one!

So if you have any interest at all in Port Adelaide/Enfield's active transport/bike/mobility network please consider joining the forum and contributing. Any contribution - however minor - adds to the quality of the network's development! You can also of course sign up to 'follow' our Blog Page too - you'll get an informative email about once a month of progress with the Network, planning issues and any new provisions or improvements for bicycle use!

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