I was pulled over this morning for "running a red light" (the officer was not aware of the bike signal on the corner of South terrace and Pulteney street) and saw another cyclist pulled over further up the road.

So is there a blitz on?

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GoPro Hero 3 on the front, Fly6 facing rearward. A lot of people comment on the clarity of the GoPro actually, especially when viewing the raw footage

What editing software are you using?

GoPro Studio. It's free but quite limited, and it doesn't like the FLY6 format for whatever reason so I have to do a bit of conversion to get it all working.

So did you get an apology? If not, I'd be demanding one.

He didn't want me to show him the light. Maybe he didn't want to waste my time or maybe he didn't want to have to admit to a mistake. Either way, there's not going to be any satisfaction in trying to get an apology.

Oh you are talking about the motorist who has crossed the white stop line and broken the law are you?

>Good thing there's no fine for poor bike handling skills.

Nah I guess not. Seems you are just trolling as usual.

three successive frames. Bike light red, bike light extinguished, bike light green.
no apparent forward movement for my old eyes.


great story, bet you're glad you've got cameras!

You should go down to the corner of Cross/Goodwood to film the Policeman who pings people for using their mobile phone while driving. He hides behind a signal box, jumps out with his camera and gets photo evidence, then hands out the fine. Just like a windscreen washer, but 1000x more expensive.

He was there last Sunday morning, thought that was what he was doing!

I don't have any problem with that. On a bike, at the lights, you see just how many people are fiddling with their phones. If they do this when driving (and I'm sure they do) it might explain why 1 metre becomes 300 mm when passing a cyclist. I reckon it accounts for a large majority of the rear end collisions I see on the Main North Road. 

Ruddager's policeman made a mistake and should have been more measured and respectful on his approach, but I can understand the original mistake, doing such a difficult and varied job.

From your vision supplied you appear to have rode from a parkland pathway? then directly across motorist paths 90 degrees to the traffic then assumed a position on the inside in front of traffic, then ran the red light thingy?. does the green paint thing give you a right to push in upfront?

I'm not sure how these intersections work but if I was a police man I would probably pull you up too for a chat, it looks a bit ugly from the outside and I could see it from a car perspective, what would you do if those lights changed when your going across everyone's bow like that?.

thanks for the info Dave, is there signs or instructions on the road? If I don't know how they work then 99% of motorist would have no idea either. Is there a special light for cyclist just before the main light? sorry I cant see it in video.


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