My racer was stolen yesterday (24/12) at 10am from my garage, roller door left up under 10 minutes, at Brompton. It's a 2010 Giant Defy Advanced, black and white, Ultegra groupset, Mavic elites, 2 spokes on each wheel have white and green tape on them, 2 sidi stickers (main tube and forks), sigma computer, fizik saddlebag, white cateye light. Definite reward offered. See photo.

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Try looking in Silversuns or Laguna Loans.. South Rd, Richmond. Thats usually where things turn up down that way. They aren't as.. "Strict" cash converters. 

That's absolutely awful! I will look out for it.  I detest those kind of low-life people who steal from others.  In the meantime, I hope you can still have a Merry Christmas any way.

Daniel, You are welcome to join Adelaide BUG and Prospect BUG, and repeat this post on those sites. Both areas are close to wear you live, so you and the thief may cycle there. Heather

Check out Cash Converters. Give them a photo of your bike.

Keep an eye out on ebay and gumtree for cash sales/buy it now.

Set numerous saved searches.


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