Snappy Don's discussion about "I knew I was a cyclist when..." got me thinking about my own origins of my enjoyment of cycling.

I have always had a bike. As a teenager me and my brother would disappear from home for hours while we cycled up to Range Road, to Upper Hermitage, One Tree Hill and around the wheat fields and vineyards at Golden Grove. On holidays we'd cycle all around the slag heaps and mines at Moonta then down to the beach and back. Bikes were always around me. And they still are.

Here's me on my first bike (OK, a trike, but it still counts). Solid tyres, tassles off the bar-ends, pure fixie. A passenger could stand on the rear axel and hang onto the driver. Think I might have been 4, maybe 5 in this photo.


But when and where did it all begin? Fellow AC's, let the reminiscing flow and scan those old faded photos of You and Your First Bike.

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Not sure if cameras were invented back then?
your the same age as me mark so dig out that photo,you know its there lol

Were bikes invented then?

To be honest I don't think I got a photo of me with a bike as a child.

1st day of school back in 1980
aww how cute.


that is priceless Lee-Anne - love the frock & the bag & the haircut (reckon I have got some hair shots similar!)

Not the best scanned image, its a copy of a copy, not sure where the original is.

I'm guessing I'm about 3 or 4 years old (my Dad normally wrote the date on the back of the original) so it's very early 70's

awesome. Is that 'Snowy' or 'fluffy' in the carrier?

it was probably Fluffy

And youve got a 2nd steed in the back ground, clearly poly-cyclist from an early age.
love it Nigel even coordintated thongs to match your purple bike!


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