Hi all, just a query about the status of permanent signs with "Cyclists Dismount" on them. There are a few variations and these are often seen around railway lines and crossings and there is a sign like this in Goodwood on a path that runs parallel to the train line (runs from Victoria St to Cranbrook Ave in Goodwood on the eastern side of the train line). I am wondering whether a) this is a legal sign (if so, under what law) and b) if a fine attaches to not dismounting when riding past.

I always assumed that it might lie in the railway corridor but it doesn't go anywhere near the train line.

(I know there is the bikeway on the other side of the train line but it's longer and I'd like not to have to cross the line and wait for trains)


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Thanks Peter, I agree there's no need for the sign...

I take back my last comment on the concrete block being dangerous.. I rode through there on the weekend and noticed the concrete block is now on the other side of the fence.

Yeah no worries, I think the fences went in during the last 12-18 months (along the entire length of the train line).

"Cyclists dismount" is basically a cop-out due to bad-design/limited funding to do the job properly.

Such signs assume that all cyclists are able-bodied and are able to dismount in the first place...

Some guidelines remember that a cyclist might wear cycling-specific shoes with cleats, and walking while wheeling their bike can encourage slipping.

There are at least two signs on the Linear Park just past the Hackney Bridge as you ride east. One is at a wooden bridge over the Torrens and the other at a narrow wooden platform a 100 metres on. The solution is for the councils to rebuild sections like this so that you can ride unhindered by such spots. I have yet to see Councils ask car drivers to push their cars over a bridge that is inadequate to drive over!

They really are quite silly sometimes. I have more trouble walking beside my bike - it makes me much wider and more likely to snag the handlebars on a  balustrade - than I have cycling slowly and carefully through narrow sections like the Uni footbridge or the swing bridge at Gilberton. The whole reasoning behind such imprecations (hardly anyone obeys) needs reassessment...


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