Finally cycling on Peacock Road during peak hour is no longer a squeeze between parked cars and traffic!!

It took 6 months of photos and many emails to council, and the help of Clr Alex Antic, and months of the council checking to prove that car were parking permanently on that road.

and I'm positive there were many others who put in complains the parking on that road, Thankyou everyone.

I'm glad that ACC can see that a commuter's life is more important than car parking.  well done.

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Extended morning peak-hour between 7am and 10am. :)
What are the hours on the other side of the road?

No such joy in the afternoon cycle home - it is 4 hour parking between 8 am. and 6 pm. on the eastern side of Peacock Road.

It's actually a safer option to keep the Eastern side with parking,

because the lane ends with a left turn, peak hour cars will be using that lane as a high speed alternative instead of waiting for the lights at Greenhill
. ie ride down Goodwood Road (from South Tce to Greenhill Rd)  at peak hour and see how dangerous it is. 

Whereas the Western side ends in a bike lane so driving in that lane provides no benefit.

This is good news. Well done!  I've been riding that route on and off for 25 years and one of the hairiest scenarios is faster bikes overtaking slower ones in that narrow lane between the parked and moving cars.  My guess is that there will a lot of compliance issues until the penny drops that the parking hours have changed.

I've notice the street is almost empty in the morning and the campervans have moved on.

Life's a lot easier if slower ones (like me) use the off road shared paths. But it's not helped by the fact that the bike path doesn't closely follow the road on the east side.

I noticed this for the first time on Friday. This is great! It made the ride into town so much less stressful


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