I'd like to point out to some of the roadies out there that not every cyclist that you pass is as engaged in the persuit of riding close together in a peleton as you might be.

What this means is that when you pass, please leave an adequate distance between you and the cyclist you pass; a foot is not an adequate distance, as the twit wearing pale blue lycra and earbuds this morning apparently seemed to think.

This kind of behaviour is dangerous and inconsiderate (particularly when the bike being passed is a heavy cargo bike as was the case this morning) but is unfortunately not rare.

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One of the good things about the grubby back tracks I like to ride is that I meet less of the head down bum up yobboes whizzing silently past my elbow...

You need a mirror - that way you can see them coming and do an appropriately large wobble.

I agree.  If one can't pass safely, don't pass at all.  One sees this behaviour of not leaving enough room occasionally by motorcyclistsl; somewhat more frequently by cars pulling in front of trucks, taking away their braking space.  I too have noticed HDBU cyclists doing it sometimes.  And if they get hit from behind, they will squeal that you weren't riding/driving carefully.

I noticed some time ago that the lead riders of a peleton will gradually merge back in after overtaking. But after the first couple it becomes quite acute and dangerous as the next cyclists almost force me into the gutter in their pursuit of the draft. Consequently I've learnt to stick out my elbows and force outwards to create space.

Odd to me that alot of the "carbon crew"...(yes I have one for the week end),
will scream blue murder if a car gets within cooee of them, yet they find it acceptable to blow past other riders commuting etc , with an inch to spare, and no courtesy yell/ bell/ etc.

Its no wonder I have done most of my riding this year on MTB's and trails instead of roads.
(Yeh MTB's has its fair share of nuts as well ,like people riding back up DH specific trails) 

I'll never understand passing strangers so closely. All it takes is a little wobble from them and suddenly you're both down.

This should also extend to riding on busy footpaths, like on north terrace. With the recent traffic restrictions, definitely noticing more cyclists using the footpath there. But please slow down or pass with adequate distance. Had someone pass me while I was standing at a bus stop and felt his jacket elbow brush my elbow. Had i been more distracted with my phone, I could have easily knocked him off his bike.


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