The Australian Road Rules 187(2) make it an offence to stop in a bicycle lane. On the Duthy Street bicycle lane (door lane), the layout means that trucks, fat SUVs and badly parked cars often sit with wheels in the bike lane.

Is this an offence? How much into the bike lane would count? 

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Is it just me, or is that a dick drawn on the road?

Norm- the issue you mention with NPSP- is that why they are blacking out a lot of the painted bike lanes around?


I often ride in the bike lane along my local minor arterial/collector road in the northern suburbs. It's a permanent bike lane with no parking on that road. I hadn't appreciated how narrow it is until yesterday when i drove along that road and deviated to pass the car that was stopped in the bike lane while the driver was on their phone. Even a small car is a lot wider than bike-plus-one-metre.

Had a call from Unley Council today. They went out and measured the parking width, bike lane, and car lane, and it meets whatever the Australian standards is. It is possible of course that the standard was written when there were less BMW X5s in Unley, but that's what they have to go off. She did say that she had passed my email and pictures to the compliance group, and asked that they target bike lane blocking.

Credit to Unley for taking it seriously. Possibly mileage in them getting the shop/cafe owners to give their customers some advice.

Keith, have you thought of joining the Unley Bicycle Users Group (UBUG)?  They're fairly active and are always grateful for assistance.  There is a link in the news feeds on AC.

Cheers Ian. Have joined the facebook site (I feature already in the Tiser thing I see) and will call in at the meeting on 14 March if it fits in with work.

Update from Unley Council. If a vehicle sits with a tyre in a cycle lane then the enforcement team will issue only warnings. It is their view that should it go to court then it would be regarded as a 'trifling' offence.

Duthy is on the list for future review, but until then they are thinking of maybe more magic paint bicycle symbols on the road.

Good of them to phone me I guess.

Keith, +1 for the reworded signage. :)


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