Well here's a good idea - pay us to cycle to work - yes please!


Australians should be paid $5 every time they ride a bike to work under a new scheme proposed by Australia’s biggest bike riding organisation, Bicycle Network.

With the federal election set for 18 May, Bicycle Network is calling on all candidates and parties to commit to making it easier for more people to ride a bike to truly address the cost of living, congestion and health.

Seems to have been picked up by the media. Dare I read the comments? ;-)

Why not though? $5 is conservative on the cost/benefit ratio which is something like $20 if I remember. Add it into one's tax return, that would stand out to the punters! Not sure how they would police it - GPS logs which we keep, Strava or it did not happen?

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I wouldn't complain about that extra money in my pocket, but at the same time I'm not really sure it would be enough to incentivise people who aren't already.

Most of the people I've worked with never even consider cyclo-commuting.

People at my work are astounded that I cycle ~14Km one way to work. When I point out it takes about 30min and is typically quicker than a car in peak hour they nod their head(s) in agreement and do not seemed surprised.

Many of them are well over-weight and want to do something about it but too ingrained in old habits and face it loosing weight is not easy.

$ of course makes for a big incentivizer - worth a shot hey ;-)

Most people don't look after their health , instead, rely on the multi billion dollar hospital system to repair them when it's  far too late . And politicians always "push" the hospital system as an easy vote catcher and the media go along with it too. I think it's called  "sensationalizing."   

There's nothing magic about cycling; there's the same health benefit from most other forms of exercise.

So for consistency, the same payment should be made to anyone who does not drive to work, and regularly exercises.

Sorry Peter, not gonna agree with that - the cycling option is the two birds with one stone thing - traffic congestion and health benefit.

Who cares if they're concurrent or not? If someone else takes public transport to work, and exercises in the evening, there's the same benefit, both to traffic and to public health.

Some European countries have tried financial incentive schemes
Published by Business Insider on 2-Jun-2014

In Australia I do not support paying cyclists by kilometre ridden to work:
— Already enough flak against cyclists
— Omits cyclists who are not in paid employment
— Use the money instead on good cycling infrastructure
— Decrease the financial benefits for those who drive to work. I was told of a person who lived 4 km from the CBD but did not used public transport and drove excessively, to entitle him to use the car as an employment tax advantage.

Good write up on the French initiative to pay cyclists starting back in 2014:


And while 19 percent of the new riders switched from driving, most of those had been part of carpools, leaving the true mode shift away from cars closer to 5 percent.

5% decrease in cars on the road - not too shabby me thinks.


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