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It's painful just looking at the picture. My knee looks quite similar right now and that hurts and stings, and it's just the knee. Hope she recovers well!

It is almost too easy to recognise ‘cyclist gravel rash’.

The crash happened just down from where we were sitting.

Just read on ABC that a cyclist fell in the People's Classic last night.

I didn't see it, but apparently caught it on video... (which I'm struggling to upload to this forum so I've done some blown up pic by pic).

Sky plans to develop Halvorsen into a classics sprinter, he was unlucky.  In the video of the finish, Impey tugs his bike to the right as he looks full left to see that Caleb wasn't on his wheel and was going for it up the inside.  That starts a string of riders drifting right ending with Bauhaus (Sunweb) losing control of his line altogether.

"inexperienced locals"?!?!?!  Not the case at all.

The conditions for the women's race were pretty horrific with heat, very strong gusty winds and rain. Even the sand blowing around at The Bend caused problems for riders (and team staff) with some eye injuries.

The WTDU was a far more animated race than the men's, and the number of DNF's don't just reflect crashes but illness and missed time cuts, and even new equipment failing.

Unfortunately you're just making assumptions as the women's race was not televised.

I saw every dropped rider; crashed, ill, mechanical or otherwise from where I was sitting in the race caravan, proudly working for a team that finished with its full complement of 6 riders.

hopefully the SA government goes the full hog in 2019 and kicks in for same hotel etc as the blokes get next year.   SAGOV is making some good coin and showed that in 2018 by topping up the winners takings, but it would be good to see the rest of the girls benefit from the events popularity also. 

Logistically, the women's teams would prefer increased media coverage over fancier digs.

The accommodation in North Adelaide was actually quite good, mechanics had secure places to work outside the public eye, the food was great and it was easy to get to and quiet.

It's the media coverage that supports the sponsors that support the teams.... staying in a fancier hotel doesn't 'deliver' tangible benefit outside the days you're staying there.


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