I have had generally better passes by cars under the new rules.  On Sunday my son was playing cricket at Golden Grove.  Being a lower order batsman I was in for a long day so I looked on Google Earth and saw One Tree Hill Road and thought it would be a nice ride.  I turned back after 1/2 an hour because I felt so uncomfortable with close passes and fast passes into corners.  I didn't see another cyclist in the hour of riding.  Is this a no go zone for cyclists or was everyone on Amy's Ride?  Did I just have a bad day?

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And just to even the ledger, I'd go with a -1.

Just because many motorists have got into the habit of passing too close doesn't mean it is right. Isn't the whole point of the new laws both a recognition of the problem and an attempt to change this unsafe behaviour? HTFU doesn't seem particularly sage advice.

well I didn't mean HTFU at all.  I suggested that I didn't see anything particularly offensive in this video.  It looked like a beautiful day and a cyclist in a foul mood.

Andrew, Paul is a daily rider. His videos on this site over the years have shown terrifying close passes so I reckon he is aware of what is dangerous. He is one of the few who has the gear to capture and show it. I'm glad he does. A truck driver nearly killed me the other night and wasn't even aware of it, so anything which shows what it is like to be on the cyclist's end of a close pass is good in my view.

I agree.  I would encourage all regular cyclists to carry a camera.  He asked for an opinion and I gave it to him.


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