I have had generally better passes by cars under the new rules.  On Sunday my son was playing cricket at Golden Grove.  Being a lower order batsman I was in for a long day so I looked on Google Earth and saw One Tree Hill Road and thought it would be a nice ride.  I turned back after 1/2 an hour because I felt so uncomfortable with close passes and fast passes into corners.  I didn't see another cyclist in the hour of riding.  Is this a no go zone for cyclists or was everyone on Amy's Ride?  Did I just have a bad day?

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I thought maybe I was being a bit precious so compared rear view to a measurement of 1.5 m from the week before.  My count was 17 too close, 12 just about exactly 1.5 metres and 17 excellent.  From my measurement, if there is no shoulder the car driver needs to be completely in the other lane to be 1.5 m away (except on descents where I tend to be more in the middle of the lane so there is no room for overtake at 1.5m).  Where I am in the shoulder, there is scope for the left wheel to be just inside the lane.

Paul, just curious if you've reported any of this the police (especially the volvo)? If so, what was the reaction from the cops? I wonder if their attitude has changed with the new laws?

No I haven't.  It didn't really occur to me due to poor response to previous reports.  I might drop into Norwood police station on the weekend and report it.

It would be good if we had a Hoon Line like they have in Queensland.

Paul, I've been wondering if technology can help us in the future. (Driverless cars for a start, but that is a long way off). It seems that many drivers simply don't know the dimensions of their vehicles (protruding mirrors, trailers wider than the car etc.). I see this a lot when I am driving, observing other motorists passing cyclists.

I too think motorists have been better with the new laws, however a minority still pass incredibly closely. There is no need for it as the vast majority are capable of driving past without endangering cyclists. Even looking at the vision on camera, it's really hard to show how close they are getting but you sure as hell know when it happens. 

The other issue for me is that they seem to think that as long as their wheels are outside a marked bike lane, then that is fine but they are not adding one metre to my shoulder regardless of where the edge of the bike lane is.

I've wondered if some sort of indicator device would help, perhaps a laser or incredibly bright light shining down on the road, (which only works when pointing downward so as not to be considered a danger) which would give a visible indicator 1 metre off the cyclist's shoulder. Maybe this could be adjusted on the fly when in 60+ zones.

I just think that some drivers are really bad at estimating distance. I'm not excusing them, just observing the phenomenon and I suspect that if they could see how close they actually are getting, they might give more room.

The most effective way to educate motorists is perhaps the most difficult to achieve and that is getting them on a bike so that they know how terrifying and dangerous a close pass is.

There is a "lazer" bike lane light thingy.  I don't think it would provide any more protection than a painted white line, but it might be a useful guide for some.  Doesn't look like a metre in the video.

I cycle this route every other weekend. I am a solo cyclist due to ride / work time restrictions.. 

 I have never really had any issues with this road. I find about the same amount of crap drivers on this as i do on any other part of the road network. I think you may have just been a bit unlucky on that day... 

 It's a shame, as there are some great little/ medium length loops to be had around there. Truly stunning part of the hills. 

I know this and the Gawler Road has a bad reputation for being a dangerous road, Even the Postman for the area has lobbied the council to reduce the speed limit. 

All that said i do tend to cycle very early in the morning around there, so maybe later in the day it gets worse. 

The speed limit on Gawler-One Tree Hill rd was reduced (fairly recently) from 100 to 80kph, which as a regular user of the road (as a motorist as well as a cyclist) is way too slow.  In contrast, the One Tree Hill rd (depicted in the video) is much narrower and windier, and the limit remains 100.

I always wondered if BIke SA takes into account road reputations when making routes for the Grand slam rides, I have never really felt unsafe on the Gawler - One Tree Hill rd however it does have a bad reputation in the local press and it does feature in a couple of Grand Slam routes i've done in the last couple of years... 

Wow! I have ridden up Snake Gully over 100 times, & I have never seen so much traffic on one ride!
That car that overtook you at the bottom of the Snake Gully pit was an absolute tosser.
Ps. I love riding Snake Gully. It's my favourite training loop.
Like Pete, I have ridden this road 100 times, but for me it's not a favourite because it's so narrow. Having said that, I watched your video only until about 2 mins from the end, because your bad mood was starting to give me one. Are you new to cycling? What you experienced is pretty close to what road cyclists experience on a daily basis. I would advise you keep the head shaking and hand gestures for the real dickheads, or you are going to antagonise people for almost no reason whatsoever.

Ditto Andrew. 


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