I have had generally better passes by cars under the new rules.  On Sunday my son was playing cricket at Golden Grove.  Being a lower order batsman I was in for a long day so I looked on Google Earth and saw One Tree Hill Road and thought it would be a nice ride.  I turned back after 1/2 an hour because I felt so uncomfortable with close passes and fast passes into corners.  I didn't see another cyclist in the hour of riding.  Is this a no go zone for cyclists or was everyone on Amy's Ride?  Did I just have a bad day?

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I should add there were good passes in there.

I somewhat naively chose this road as a means of getting out to the Barossa via Para Wirra rec park, on the first loaded tour that my partner and I did. Me towing a trailer, her with panniers. Slow going up some of those climbs, beautiful scenery, but a pity about all the bogans. Plenty didn't appreciate us holding them up for 30 seconds on their way towards tearing up the dirt and shooting things and generally being epic. Would probably choose a different route next time, but not many choices out that way it seems

what was with the volvo driver? was he going to have a go and got scared off when the motor bikes turned up, or was he planning on apologising for being a dickhead?

I was a little worried at the time that he was going to have a go at me (there was a woman in passenger seat).  More detailed video on how close the pass was:

That stretch of road is pretty tight and blind corners really don't help the situation.
I have ridden it a handful of times with similar events.


I frequently drive through there and rarely see any cyclists.
It is a shame really, nice stretch of road with a fun descent!

I've ridden it once early on a Sunday morning with a friend and it was fine, but apparently it is the bogan shortcut to the Murray

On Amy's Ride , Sunday there seemed to be a bit more space given by cars  to bike riders , and the same when I rode on Tuesday to Sema4 and back. More people are talking about it , so that's a good thing .

There will always be the dickhead who's trying to save a nano second .

However, I always give the driver a friendly wave and a nod when they give me room or give way at roundabouts etc. Hoping it will help build good relations between bike rider and driver .     

Does the title of this post suggest that cars shouldn't be overtaking on double white lines? - because they can.

Other than the volvo, I didnt see too much that would have upset me to be honest. It looked (to me) that they were an easy 1.5m away and often a lot more, hard to tell with the camera at times though.

Most of the cars that I encountered around Norton over the weekend gave me heaps of room, usually driving completely on the wrong side of the road, not sure if they were just being extra cautious, or people really have no idea how to judge distances at all. Only had one moron that nearly clipped me with his mirror.

I am more than happy with the new double line rule.

Some were definitely closer than 1.5 m.  Some were too close to blind corners.  The speed of some was disconcerting.  Some were ok to excellent.

I did Norton Summit last week.  I was only overtaken twice on way up.  One was close (actually started ok but came back to me as he passed).  Other one was ok (waited for a chance to overtake after a bend).  All passes on the flat were a metre or more.

I am very slow on the hills so got overtaken by heaps of cyclists (and saw Ruddager going the other way).

Huh, sorry? When? Where?

I don't think I went by Norton on the 25th - must've been some other handsome devil. I sure did see all those "Cancer Voices" people though out near Mylor. I think one of them was Shane Sody

Yep, missed by miles, but Shane flew by both of us - http://labs.strava.com/flyby/viewer/#419661291,u6YCGcQXEhk=

(gee that's a stalkerish feature of Strava!!)

Whilst we are on stalking - were you on the corner of Pulteny and Flinders at 5ish?


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