IT WAS OUTTA THIS WORLD >>> Gawler Wheelers Group Ride Report: Saturday May 18th 2013

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No. of Riders : 53



Ride Summary

The Café Farina crew have donated a $25 voucher to GW. All comments to this ride report go into a draw with the winning entry drawn at next Saturdays GW ride brief. Each comment you post = one entry!

For me, this morning’s Gawler Wheeler 60km ride through the Barossa Valley was just outta this world. The weather was magnificent for this time of the year and no wind! Then there was the amazing group of people who rode with us!

Amongst the 53 riders were newbies Daniel and Alex….welcome to you both! We did have one mechanical….another spoke problem which meant that a couple of riders had to turn back. More detail will follow from them. It was great to see the participants riding at various speeds ….some fast and others at a more leisurely pace. Many also mixed it up, riding with different bunches throughout the ride.

Post-ride a lot of the discussion was around whether it is easier to ride this GW route in the direction we did today or in the reverse direction. I will let the riders tell you what they think, and also whether their ride was outta this world…or was it just me.

Thank you to all who rode with Gawler Wheelers this morning…and thank you for the sensational kick-start the weekend.

NEXT WEEK: We will be holding two concurrent GW rides. Take your pick from a HILLs ride or a BEGINNERS HILL ride. Details will be posted on AC Events and YOU are most welcome to attend either ride.

Prior to moving on to the photos please enjoy KISS having fun in Brisbane:





Fred had his cameras all ready pre-ride

Belinda are you going to tell us your toe-nail story (or do you want me to post the photo of it?)

The boys admiring Carl’s new Giro kit. Tell us the story behind it Carl!

Nice hat Richie

Dave, tell us the tale of how you ended up with this new bike!

Colin greeting newbie Alex (L)

Paul and Shayne at Lyndoch

Chris and Terry (with his new video cam)

For the first time ever I got to Lyndoch before Dale! (Well ok…he had a flat on the way...doesn't count...still got there first!)

Enjoying the Lyndoch regroup

More of the group at Lyndoch

Recent Café Farina review

We love riding through the Barossa at this time of the year

Scott entering Gomersal Road at Tanunda

Stefan at the end of Gomersal Road

More riders arrive at the end of Gomersal Rd.

Ann and Juz post-ride at Café Farina

Samantha is not feeling well and did not ride with us today. However she came to Café Farina to meet up with Gareth...get well soon Sam!


For those who may not have seen it yet here is the revised version of David Bowie's Space Oddity, recorded by Commander Chris Hadfield on board the International Space Station. Please enjoy:

"SPACE ODDITY" – Commander Chris Hadfield

Commander Hadfield is now back on earth. In closing today we take a look back on some of Chris Hadfield's best moments from these past five months on his space mission:



Gawler Wheelers is all about comradeship, fun, fitness and chasing our dreams. Join the GW group on AC. Come on our rides. Contact details below. Until next week >> Cheers for now...Frank.

Gawler Wheelers Contact

Gawler Wheelers: Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year 2013

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Gomersals apparently was untidy I had some people comment to me today that they were driving past and noticed the traffic issues on Saturday on this road. They said both the vehicles and cyclists behaved well but we were too bunched. So Colin's suggestion has merit. Other comments from different sources included we looked good and worked well with traffic on Gawler main street and on the Lyndoch road.

The bottom of Gomersal Road is problematic because of its size/shape. The first to arrive get 'buried' by the slower/later arriving riders. At the restart the faster riders have to work their way through a mass of slower riders. Other regroups are more linear. The first to arrive are at the front, the last to arrive are at the back. At Gomersal it doesn't matter so much when the ride is clockwise as we hit a T-junction as soon as we start moving, but on Saturday the whole group started riding at the same time and the sorting out took more time.

It may be better if future rides in this direction use the wide shoulder BEFORE the entrance to the cemetery for a linear regroup.

Thanks for the report Colin. We will take your suggestion on board.


Another idea concerning the bottle necks caused when leaving a rest stop. First to arrive first to leave then work down the group I'm sure most know where in the ranking they arrived at the rest stop, if this was to happen every stop should be the same and a routine is always remembered.
I feel it is probably only a matter of time before a little pile up occurs due to all the differences in ability, meaning the unpredictability of riders reactions and skill set.
Eg. Missed clip in to pedals, suddenly someone decides to stop pedaling for no apparent reason, swerving out when looking over shoulder or grabbing a drink etc.

I had a fantastic morning out with GW. I had never done this route/direction with a group before and have never had a better average speed in either direction. I don't know how many times I have ridden to Tanunda via Lyndoch before, but I have never done it as easily as on Saturday. The lack of wind and dry roads make a huge difference. I also got involved with some different small groups during the ride and could see how much people have improved during my layoff.

I went out with the Star Cycles Monday group (the oldies) today and have started riding down to Elizabeth for the ride. I used Angle Vale/Milne/Athol/Griffiths/Dalkieth Rds to get around the Coventry Rd closure. When the group left our coffee stop in Gawler I rode with them down to Dalkieth then pointed them east to Coventry while I turned west and returned home via Stebonheath and Angle Vale Rds. A pleasant 70km ride on a beautiful morning.

Had a great ride apart from my gears playing up most of the way. Craig gave me some help at Lyndoch then I was given a handy hint at the end of Gomersal that saved me from holding the gear lever to the side so they would stop jumping. Got some good footage for the video this week, have quite a few different faces this time.
Yes Gareth the cameras were switched on this week, you appear in the video on a few occasions. I have watched it all and you were working hard having a ball. I can see you working up to the front the way your going.

I only looked to be going so well due to the quality of the wheels I had to suck!  I did run out of energy on the last 10k, which was a bit strange but by the evening all became clear when I developed a sore throat and blocked sinuses. 

Whoops! I must remember to log in as myself in before making these comments.

It looks like Gareth has has a sex change.Either that, or he has used Samantha's login. That's a bit like wearing your wife's underwear, by mistake, of course. lol.




Thanks Fred! Questions:

1. With 4 videos of the ride wonder if anyone missed getting in a least one of them?

2. What is the music backing Fred's video?




If you have a smart TV watch the video on it the clarity is superb and you end up seeing a lot more. Full HD widescreen.
A hint for the music off a film sound track and it's 3 different pieces

+1 Fred...My Action Cam looks fantastic in full HD on our SMart TV..stereo as well :)...just gotta work out how to place music over the top of the clip(s)  


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