With the Outer Harbor/ Grange train line reopening today I went for a ride to see if the shared path is also open, or at least nearing completion.  Disappointed to find that it is nowhere near completion.  On the Croydon side of the bridge over South Road no ramp has been constructed to the path.  From Bowden station it did not look like the path under Park Tce has been constructed but it was difficult to see as access is by bike is restricted.  I did not catch the train to see what can be seen from the it.  Looks like it is going to be many months before I no longer have to ride on Port Rd.

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On 11-Jan-2018 I cycled the Outer Harbor Greenway, from Rosetta St in West Croydon to St Vincent St in Port Adelaide. Was warned by PortBUG that greenway inaccessible further south.

Accessing from Rosetta St is not welcoming. Most of the painted sharrow logos on the road surface are faded, so a few places where a newbie might hesitate as to the direction. For example, the short detours away from the railway line, plus two locations where signs of 'no entry' could be paired with 'bicycles excepted'. I forwarded my comments to PortBUG who said improvements likely.

Never had a problem negotiating the detours, used to cross South Rd at either Hawker St or more recently at the Paget St pedestrian bridge. Not to say that a completed OH Greenway wouldn't be very welcome.

We are told by DPTI and contractors that the various currently-closed sections of the Greenway will open progressively through Feb to completion sometime in March. You have correctly identified some of the new infrastructure that needs completion. To briefly itemise what I reckon needs to be done, they (T2T, TRJ and DPTI) still need to:

- finish the earth and concrete dog-leg ramp at McInnes St (just a pile of dirt last time I looked)

- install the earth and concrete ramp between Queen St and the overpass abutment (major task - nothing there at present but protruding bolts!)

- build the Greenway crossing at Queen St

- install the Chief St Bridge modification (major task)

- finish the West St crossing

build the pathway from Coglin St through to Drayton Street

- install all of the lighting and pathway utilities (it’s supposed to be fully lit, Queen St to Park Trc)

- install signage

- install all safety railing

- rebuild the rail-reserve security fencing (major task)

- build the 2 new Parklands bridges on the city side of Park Trc (another major task)

- build the new Parklands connecting pathways &...

 ...hand over to Council where appropriate (a process in itself) etc etc etc!

 So there's probably quite a lot to do!

Sam, PortBUG.

The following info is extracted/edited from a pdf update received this afternoon from the Torrens Junction Project Team. It may help better understand the situation.

Sam, PortBUG.


UPDATE on construction activities | January 2018 to March 2018:

Major construction on the Torrens Rail Junction Project is almost complete. A key milestone has been achieved with the return to service of trains on the Outer Harbor and Grange Line and the opening of platforms to passengers on the new lowered Bowden Railway Station on 15 January 2018. Both the Gawler rail line and the interstate rail freight line are running on their final alignment in the Adelaide Park Lands.

Remaining works will continue during day and intermittent night shifts with landscaping and other finishing activities underway until March.

Finishing activities include resurfacing of roads and footpaths, installation of fencing, landscaping and re-planting in the Park Lands and Bowden and the installation of street furniture.

Construction update and achievements:

The lowered Bowden Railway Station is operational, providing access for rail passengers while finishing works continue. These works include installation of paths, passenger information displays and landscaping. Final works on the Station Place, Field Street and Park Lands pedestrian bridges are also underway.

We have now completed the three major road/rail bridges at Gibson Street, Park Terrace and within the Park Lands, with safety fencing and throw screens. The removal of the Park Terrace level crossing has improved traffic flow on Park Terrace, resulting in efficiency improvements across the broader road network.

The ConneXion Alliance team of more than 350 people has worked day and night, clocking up 750,000 work hours to safely deliver the Torrens Rail Junction Project.

Vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists:

Completion of our major construction milestones has led to a signficant reduction in the number of trucks using War Memorial Drive, Park Terrace and Port Road. With final works in the Park Lands and at Bowden Railway Station, haulage routes are planned to minimise community impacts. Signage and traffic controllers are in place to advise of changed conditions and we ask that you plan your journey in advance. 

  • Park Terrace resurfacing works will be underway day and night from mid-January, for around two weeks. These works will require changes to traffic lanes and speed restrictions. Pedestrians will be detoured to Gibson Street to avoid these works and maintain safety, with detour signage and traffic controllers on hand to assist.
  • Gibson Street will remain temporarily closed to vehicles until further notice. Access for pedestrians and cyclists remains open with a possible short-term closure to complete the final asphalt works. The Park Terrace footpath (Bowden-side) and Gibson Street remain the primary detour routes for pedestrians and cyclists between Bowden Village and Port Road.
  • East Street is permanently closed to vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Drayton Street, between East Street and Third Street, will remain temporarily closed to vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists until further notice.
  • War Memorial Drive will continue to be accessed by construction vehicles throughout the day and night whilst works are underway.
  • Gaol Road is open to traffic but some truck movements can be expected for access to the rail corridor.

Traffic management is in place to ensure safe access for road users, pedestrians and cyclists.

Noise and vibration management:  Final construction works will be ongoing over the coming weeks. Whilst some inconvenience may be expected, every effort will be made to minimise disturbance to the local community. Bowden, Hindmarsh and North Adelaide residents and businesses in close proximity to the works may experience noise, light spill and some vibration.

Public transport services:

The Outer Harbor and Grange rail line as well as the Bowden Railway Station reopened for normal train services on 15 January. For public transport information, please visit www.adelaidemetro.com.au.

Further information:  For project information or to opt-in for updates visit www.infrastructure.sa.gov.au/TRJdpti.trj@sa.gov.au, email , or contact us on 1300 582 071.

Thank you for your patience:  The Torrens Rail Junction team appreciates your continued and ongoing support as we deliver this landmark project for South Australia. We wish you a happy and healthy 2018!

Kind regards, Community Relations Team.

At the display stall the the Port and WestsideBUGs shared last Tuesday (start of the TDU in The Port) the main question from visitors with regard to the OH Greenway seemed to be 'have you got a map?' Well we didn't then - but we do now! It's just a rather crude, hand-drawn 'way finding' guide by yours truly, but I'm hoping that it will lead to something better in the future. See here. Feedback would be useful and appreciated...


Looks about right, I have ridden it many times to the Port but not beyond.

Construction for the missing section announced today. Estimated completion in early July.


The Outer Harbor Greenway seems to finish at Port Adelaide . I tried to follow it to Outer Harbor a few years ago , but got a bit "lost" because of lack of signage. So since then I just ride with all the trucks on Victoria Road. Actually it's not too bad , pretty wide .

On Sat 17/08/19 my wife and I rode the OHGW from Adelaide to the Port. We were very impressed with a lot of the work which has been done along there but also were disappointed with some of the breaks and signage. I had printed the Wayfaring guide but unfortunately left it at home so probably got what I deserve.

We came from Adelaide down the Southern side of the Torrens & crossed incorrectly as I found on the old railway bridge. We then had a bit of searching around to find the start underpass which we followed to find the GW closed on Bowden station with no detour signage. I crossed the tracks & followed the path from the southern platform around thru rear carparks to a cross street with an underpass & then a couple of blocks NW till eventually spotted the OHGW. I saw a bike crossing.

Next at McInterny Reserve there was detour signage which left us unsure just where to go.
Found later from the wayfaring guide we just had to cut across the reserve, if only the signage pointed that way.

Our next mistake was we simply missed the signage to do a right turn probably around Alberton, where we ended up at a closed gate & had to do a Uturn & go back till we found our mistake.

Great greenway but still room for some consistency & improvements in signage to help non locals :-)

A good reason to carry a decent map/GPS/smart phone app map with you at all times! Roadworks are eternal.

The OHGW signage has always been very poor, from day one. (years ago). Unless you have some “local knowledge” you'll stand a good chance of taking a few wrong turns, and since all the detours it's just worse. The signage at the beginning (Adelaide) end is difficult to find , I seem to have to help other bike riders find the beginning every time I go there. Other riders I know would rather take their chances and ride on the Port Road than the Greenway. It seems like it's been put together by a person or people that don't ride a bike.

The last section of shared path by the old Brompton gas works is now open, notwithstanding that the official opening is on Sunday 13 October as part of the Bike Fest


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