Descending Heather Rd just below Stirling this morning and was heading around one of the left handers at about 60ish when my back wheel found a reasonably significant bump, cue the wheel jumping to the right and me going from rubber side down to skin side down quite quickly!Slid across the road and down the hill in to the grass & bushes before coming to a stop.


Can't speak highly enough of the Stirling doctor's, stayed open for us to get back up there & gave the road rash a proper clean before getting the doc to look me over. No significant injuries to myself or the bike but I'm gonna be in pain for a while with a dinner plate sized patch of road rash right on my left hip plus various other cuts & scratches on elbow, ankle & hands.

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Hell mate , wait for the bruising to come out as that hurts, rest up and recover quickly


Yeah I've got about 3 lumps around my ankle, can only assume one of the pedals is to blame!

Ouch ! It can all happen so fast. 
I remember my first stack well:

I had not had my bike long at the time, and I was racing as hard as I could into a tight right hand turn when my front tire blew. I looked just like you, all blood and gore and bloody sore. 

Get well soon mate :)

Mikael, the photos look like a a 'proper crash'. Glad it was not worse, or a vehicle in the way when you slid across the road. I have added a link to your crash in the AC group Look For Cyclists at

Heal well Mikael and get back on the bike real soon and take care mate

No broken bones or mangled joints, bike OK, sounds llike your skin took brunt of impact forces so its likely bloody sore now, heal well, glad you are otherwise OK

Thinking of you matey .. i f you were sore yesterday today is going to be the day you feel areas that you didnt realise were injured yesterday . Take care and a mulitvit to heal your wounds .... Keep on smiling and I hope the bike isnt too bad.


Hi Mikael - Glad that you are ok after your crash.

Dont forget to have a VERY good look at your helmet, as it may have taken some of the impact (ie done its job) and would need to be replaced, even if there is not any major visable signs of damage.

get the heriod cream out for the the brusing - oh and take photos as they develop and change colours!!!!

All the best

Bad luck there Mickael.  Looks pretty painful!!  Wishing you a fast recovery. I'm yet to have a big stack at speed and hoping I'll never have a stack like yours anytime soon. 




Yeah luckily I didn't hit my head at all so I think the helmet's still all good apart from a couple of red smears where it got dripped upon.


Thanks for all the well wishes guys & girls. Hopefully I should be back up & riding sooner rather than later.

I hope you have an XL sheet of tegaderm on your hip.... it's going to need it!


Yup one on there at the moment & another spare from the Doc for the joyous bandage change that's coming up.


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