Descending Heather Rd just below Stirling this morning and was heading around one of the left handers at about 60ish when my back wheel found a reasonably significant bump, cue the wheel jumping to the right and me going from rubber side down to skin side down quite quickly!Slid across the road and down the hill in to the grass & bushes before coming to a stop.


Can't speak highly enough of the Stirling doctor's, stayed open for us to get back up there & gave the road rash a proper clean before getting the doc to look me over. No significant injuries to myself or the bike but I'm gonna be in pain for a while with a dinner plate sized patch of road rash right on my left hip plus various other cuts & scratches on elbow, ankle & hands.

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Yeah it was my first time down it, perhaps I could have been a little more careful!


Getting pretty stiff & sore now.

How you're ok Mikael! Road rash is not much fun.

Yeah I'm all good, coulda been a heap worse. Missed one of those wooden reflector poles by about a metre or so...

Glad it wasn't any worse - hate to hear about a bike getting hurt……


Oh, and hope you are OK too. ;)

I'll be honest, as soon as I knew I hadn't broken anything I was checking the bike out. I'm tempted to leave the blood on the rims as a trophy.

It's what you do - check out the bike first.

Did you ride into Stirling?

yeah, had a decent excuse for my slow climb too

Emma Manifold - Practice was opposite the organic cafe

That left hand bend on the steep bit is a common one for unwary young drivers to go bush on, too.

Couple of shots post-tumble...


very professional job mate!




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