and where are the discussuin? been away for more rhan half a year, and AC discussion seems different and quiter... ?

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Thats because members frequent the Adelaide Cycling Facebook page. As for the Giro, Ive asked the question and it will not be televised on fta TV. Foxtel is the only way unless you are really savvy with streaming and VPN's online. I am considering Foxtel Go to stream it on my tablet. Going to do the 2 week FREE trial and then go for the sports package for $29pm with no lock in contracts. This account will do up to 3 devices including your phone. If you know who has setup the Giro Velogames league, let me know, I'll be interested to join.

As far as I know Eurosport have an exclusivity deal with the Giro this year, which means the only conventionally legal way to watch it here is to pucker up with pay TV or whatever nonsense it airs on. Alternatively, you could use a VPN to use the eurosport player in a browser/app. I tried this last year and couldn't get it to work, but maybe someone else can.

The third and final option is the uh, "community streams". You can usually find links in the race threads on /r/peloton

Has anyone heard or seen anywhere we can watch any vision of the Giro yet ?

I think last year it came on for the last week maybe ??

Surely we can watch it somehow ????

Thanks Dave, we had free period with Foxtel Play recently but alas being up in the hills the internet speed was not enough for it to work !  

SO I guess we're stuffed ....... :(

Well I made a very simple google search " giro live stream" - tried pretty much the first page - clicked a link - bingo!

Hope it works for you.

poke around here, you might have some luck  be wary of ads etc that want to open


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