It would seem that there will be a campaign to raise awareness of car dooring with drivers in Victoria in 2012  It would be great if a similar campaign could be run in SA.

Being car doored is one of the hazards which concerns me most on the roads as there often no time to react if someone flings a car door in front of you at the last minute.  Of course I try to take the appropriate precautions to avoid being in a door zone in the first place, but sometime where space is tight or the door is large, one can still get caught out.

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I highly recommend reading The Age article referenced on that site - with out doubt the best mass-media piece I've seen on the subject of cyclist safety.

I was doored on Firday 9 March 2012.  It wasn't pleasant.  8 stitches to the face


Black Honda CRV - Registration S234-ANX leaving the scene of a road accident which resulted in injury.

Opening a door without due care causing an accident.

Both criminal offences under the Road Traffic Act.

Were the police interested? Or was it "there's no bike lane there - duurrh"?

That is a hit and run.  I hope you reported it the police - it looks like you can make out the number plate.  While opening the door like that was stupid, careless and illegal ( It is irrelevant that there is no bike lane as it is illegal to alight a vehicle in the middle of a lane), they would probably only cop a small fine for it.  Driving off like that was callous and a serious breach on the law for which they should end up in court (unless their surname is McGee).   I hope you quickly make a full recovery.

I was doored on Pultney St back in Jan, luckily I only received bruising and a sore neck for a few days. The brevet sergeant I reported it to at the Wakefield St police station was very attentive and thorough. 

Hope your xrays found no issues and you heal quickly. 

"There's no bike lane there" - If it wasn't so serious it would almost be funny.

I hope the driver and the passenger get a knock on the door from the police

Wow, that was sickening Paul, what really angered me is that the driver drove off without pulling over to the left and offering assistance perhaps calling ambo's  / relatives / partner and making sure you are OK - that was a cowards way out and hope the law catches up with them. 

Just read the other comments and driver got off with "caution" bloody hell, is that a slap on the wrist these days

Its ok. There wasn't any property damage involved just personal injury. :rolls eyes:

That is absolutely disgusting!  

The callous behavior of the driver and rude uncaring attitude of the passenger, who was clearly in the wrong.

I feel your pain Paul... just from watching this, plus recent crash memories.  Hope you feel better soon and your face heals up well.

certainly if you don't make a complaint it will not be investigated.

you seem to gave good evidence of the leaving the scene of an accident.

and they seem to be aware of what happened.

Irrespective of if they think they are in the right of not they cant leave the scene of an accident.

Paul, sorry about your collision and injury. Definitely report and follow-up that the police take action. Let AC know the progress -- other members can offer you continuing advice from their own experiences. If police tardy, Today Tonight might be interested in your film. Thought of claiming compensation for the facial scars ruining your good looks :) Half joshing.

That was like watching a horror movie, waiting for the slasher. Threading the needle between a bus and the lane of cars like that makes my skin crawl. Funny, I always expect the door from a parked vehicle at the side of the road. They can come from anywhere. Glad you weren't hurt worse and on you for filming your rides in the city - I hope the people in the car are called to account.


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