Many of you who are regular visitors of this site would know Michael Warner who is an active contributor. I just got an email to say that last Tuesday while descending the old freeway he collided with a kangaroo and suffered a broken collarbone and a cracked vertebrae and remains is now out of hospital.


I'm sure you all will join me in passing on his our wishes to him for a fast recovery and return to the bike. Also a timely reminder that at this time of year when dawn and dusk times are changing to lookout for hazards like roos not to mention points where the sun in low in drivers eyes.


All the best Michael.

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Glad to see you back online and in good spirtits :)


How did the Roo fare in all of this?

Oops, meant to clarify that I do my laces up two-handed by careful cheating. I figure the plate makes it ok :-)
Sure hope these issues clear up for you. I developed tinnitus nearly 4 years ago. I was searching all over the house for the source of that loud, annoying whistle and was horrified to realize it was in my ear. It takes some adjustment alright and I had a little hissy fit about it after which I just let it go as there is nothing to be done but acceptance. I have a new "silence" now. It hasn't affected my sense of balance, yet, at any rate. Trouble with eyes seems scarier to me. Good luck!

Konadog, Michael is proof that a kangaroo can injure a cyclist.

I prefer cycling with Australian wildlife like kangaroos, dingos, snakes and red-back spiders, than North America's mountain lions, black bears, grizzlies and wolves.

I've nearly been bowled over or hit a roo a few times. Have seen them jumping across that section just after the Crafers bollards as well as when heading to Williamstown. 


A couple of times, I was only moments away from having an accident - if I'd been a little faster on the day, who knows what would of happen.


But glad Michael is ok :)


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