Many of you who are regular visitors of this site would know Michael Warner who is an active contributor. I just got an email to say that last Tuesday while descending the old freeway he collided with a kangaroo and suffered a broken collarbone and a cracked vertebrae and remains is now out of hospital.


I'm sure you all will join me in passing on his our wishes to him for a fast recovery and return to the bike. Also a timely reminder that at this time of year when dawn and dusk times are changing to lookout for hazards like roos not to mention points where the sun in low in drivers eyes.


All the best Michael.

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Terrible news. Hope you are doing OK Micheal and that your recovery is fast and full. Good luck.
That's dreadful, I hope he will make a speedy and full recovery.

It is not too uncommon to see a roo whist out riding in the hills. I had a big roo bounce along side of me whilst heading up the hill between One Tree Hill and Kersbrook (Kent Road I think). Glad it happened on the way up, not the way down; as Michael can attest, they look fairly solid creatures.

Hope you feel better soon Michael.


Sorry to hear of your injuries, without sounding insensitive..... how is the roo? Did he sustain any injuries?


Bugger, nothing wrong with a bit of fresh road kill. Apologies to any vegetarians.

Sorry to hear the news...  hope the recovery goes well Michael

I was looking at bike insurance recently, partly because CVSA rides require it and partly because of incidents like this...   anyone a member of BikeSA? Looks like their membership @ $75/year includes a fairly reasonable basic insurance covering liability (not that the kangaroo cares), also time off work & med expenses, but nothing on the bike.

I do have private medical as well

Baron, BISA is investigating an opt in insurance scheme. Past discussions on AC that adding on bike to house & contents insurance an Idea. Some insurance companies will cover your bike and other items away from the home, once you have extras cover.
Yea thats what gets my goat about these policies... the excesses

It seems we get to put someone else on the recovery list after every big ride just lately.


All the best Michael. Get well soon.



The topic of roos came up when discussing lights with a fellow Adelaide Cyclists member just the other day. I've had a couple of near misses in the hills. Sometimes I've almost run into them and others they've almost run over me as they've bounced across the road. Fortunately that is as close as I've come but it is a timely reminder that there are some hazards out there that you won't see until they are literally right there in front of or beside you and it pays to keep your ears open.

Hope Michael is back in the saddle soon and everybody else steers clear of the fauna.

Hope Michael has a speedy recovery. A few years ago a work colleague's husband was knocked of his bike by a low flying duck!

Here's hoping for a speedy recovery Mr Warner, hope the roo is ok too, and that neither of you were insured by those Queensland insurance avoidance companies! Mate, you could have ended up with your head stuffed in the pouch if it was a big one!


So, does this earn Mr Warner the nickname "Joey" now?


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