A copy of the following letter was sent to the North Terrace BUG mailing list today, however I think it would be of interest to many at AC, so I have reposted here with the authors consent.


Dear Stephen,


After one too many hair raising rides south along Pulteney St at dusk, I have decided to hang up my flourescent jacket. I don’t want to be the cyclist who will eventually die on that race track. Negotiating the ride between the the angry cars and buses and the parked cars with their potential to fling open a door is too much.


I am writing to you because I DO have great hopes that your vision for our city could deal with this problem. I have copied it to the North Terrace BUG ( Bicycle User Group) because they know how MANY cyclists use that route. Most of them are younger and faster than I am. That is the heart of the issue. If only fearless and speedy cyclists feel safe on our city streets then all the people who WOULD ride are never seen and never counted.


As a hopeful kind of person I like to think that one day I’ll get back on the bike. I’ve been commuting whenever possible since the age of 9 and want to continue. What plans are there for improving cycle safety in the CBD in general and Pulteney St in particular? Are you aware of the dedicated lanes, separate from traffic and parked cars that have been built  in the hilly, wet, cold city of Vancouver? Surely we can do better?


Yours sincerely,

Nicky Page


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Sorry, I disagree with this. There is no reason why cyclists should have to hide on the back streets in order to feel safe. 


This particular example is probably representative of the majority of the population. If you took the average non-cycling person for a ride down Pulteney St in peak hour they would not feel safe at all. Hell, I don't feel safe on Pulteney St in peak hour and I've been riding and commuting daily for years.

Pulteney Street, between Nth Tce and Pirie street is very busy and narrow and has no bike lane and is pretty scarey even to a faster moving skilled-up cyclist such as myself.  Same for the similar stretch of Frome street.

The Adelaide Council know that there are stacks of peoples on bikes from the Uni or the core of the CBD and the ever increasing number of appartments bikes yet put absolutely nothing there to support them (except for the short bit of shared foot/bike path). 

It is taken for granted that we have footpaths for pedestrians, and rightly so. But it is about time that the council put their money into this area rather than making more of those pointless parklands bike-autobahns that no one uses.



I use them and so do a lot of other people both cyclists and pedestrians
@Daniel Searson +1

Daniel - I didn't say you should hide on the back streets. What I said was you should choose to ride where you feel safe and gave the example of back streets in Adelaide as a possibility for her to use and feel safe.  If you don't feel safe on a street then don't ride there.  I've ridden down Morphett, King William, Pultney, Frome and Hutt streets from South to North in peak hour and I never felt unsafe. But I won't ride up North East Rd because I don't feel safe in some areas there so I ride the Linear Park. 


Is a female cyclists safer on the back lane ways and back streets ?  Unfortunately for her there is more than one kind of danger particularly at night but even in the daytime.

Safety wise I would much rather ride my bike thru back lanes/back streets than walk!

Sorry, I think my comment was probably more in reply to Belinda Hoare. I agree that you should ride where you feel safe, but I don't think that is an excuse not to upgrade major roads to be safer for cyclists.

Who is this nicky page?


There are many quiet streets throughought the cbd.


I understand Nicky's concerns but time spent cycling on pulteney street can easily be minimised.

Soft, one less cyclist won't help fix these issues.

Cyclists need to start standing up for what they believe in.




She is someone who subscribes to the NT-BUG email list.  She sent her email message to that list and the Lord Mayor and some one else on Adelaide City Council.



Dare I say that I agree with you :)
It is all well and good to minimize the time spent on Pulnety st, but to get from North Terrace to Pirie st, there are no alternative safer options and for some people this means that there is not a safe enough route to use cycling as a mode of transport.  Obviously Nicola Page has come to this conclusion, which unfortunately is quite justifiable, but at least she wrote to the council and north terrace bug drawing attention to the issue, while I am sure many other potential cyclists have quietly morphed into the city traffic congestion.


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