Hello everyone, I'm writing to see if anyone else has been hassled regularly by a motorist on old Norton Summit Road. I'm at the point of filing a police report (I now have a number plate, which helps). The motorist in question drives a pearl-white Toyota. I've also been hassled by a motorist in a tray-top ute (possibly the same guy). Likewise I now have the number plate for that vehicle.

Today my normally wonderful ride up old Norton Summit was spoiled by the driver of the Toyota calling me a "F..... Idiot" and telling me to "Find another road." I assume he meant I should take the new Norton Summit road. I'm not sure why he thought cyclists were not allowed on the old road.

So, my questions: has anyone else been hassled by either of these vehicles. Secondly, is it worth making a police report?

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So this knob has yelled abuse on multiple occasions? I'd say it's worth reporting as they're more likely to escalate there attitude down the track than embrace others using 'their' road

love the pic Phil. have you noticed in that scene of breaking away when the truck hits 60mph  the bike is still on the lower chain ring.

that's what you call HIGH cadence.

Make a report in person at a police station if you intend to go through with it.

Check the rego online to see if they have paid. Never know your luck.

My partner was abused by a guy in a ute on Old Norton summit road two weeks ago - she didn't get a number plate though. Given the odds probably the same person but can't be proven. It was on a Sunday around mid-day. 

I'm torn on the police report - on one hand I'd *really* like to see this guy spoken to (assuming it's the same one) - but I also think that there's still apathy/disinterest from SAPOL about actioning (or even taking) these reports and you'll just end up wasting your own time.

Bottom line - can't hurt to make a report but don't expect a warm reception or action. Sorry to be so optimistic ! 

Report him/them , could be unlicensed , unregistered. Report it before it gets worse for you and everyone else who rides up there .  If you have photo or video that's even better. This is why I have video front and back.  

I hardly ride up/down the Old Rd but one one of the two times I have ridden up it, a bloke in a white ute coming down (other side of the road) beeped incessantly and wound down his window and yelled "get off the f**king road" while swerving over the white line. Was extremely aggressive and for the next minute or so I was constantly checking to see if he'd done a U-Turn and was coming back for more... Would be in the top five most aggressive incidents I've had in the last two years. 

2 weeks ago I was doing 60km/h on the descent and I had a guy in a white ute overtake me so violently that he struggled to bring the ute back into a straight line and nearly took out the guard rail.

I saw parked at number 11 church road afterwards, might be a good idea to check if the cars are there, just in case there's a hit and run on that road.

I've been going down there at the speed limit a few times (and I'm not even very brave on descents), only to be caught and overtaken by somebody who's come out of nowhere. It's a worry.

I think we are looking at a long time repeat offender. Had almost exactly the same experience late March this year riding with the SOMGiEE group. Around 6am on a weekday going up the old road, smallish white ute on the down track, shouting 'use the new road!' Stuck in my memory because he was so aggro.  

I reported both vehicles today. Police were sympathetic and commented that the owners will receive a letter, but (perhaps more importantly) it now stays on the system for those vehicles. I'm not sure how long that's the case, but it makes it worthwhile reporting future incidents.

Where'd you report it?

I remember Martin's comment about the Stirling police being sympathetic ... it'd be good to know which others were, although it could just come down to who you get on the day I suppose


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