Yes - Milan-San Remo! 

We let "Strade Bianche - Eroica Pro" go without much of a comment - but this race deserves better. 

Who is your tip from the great field? 

Sagan the World Champ?  Kwiatowski the past World Champ now with Sky? 

Can Fabian win again after his win in Strade Bianche? 

How about some of the big name sprinters?  Or an outsider like Ulissi?

Can an Aussie win?

I'll open up with an old favourite - Vincenzo Nibali.

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Not that anybody outside of this competition cares, but the scoreboard with LBL to go is ...


Hooked on Classics  easy tiger  637 points

Ruddager`s Bicycle le Team  Ruddager  568 points

Monumentally Stuffed Pies  Wattsy  548 points

Scrubbers  M@tt  547 points

Lock It In Eddie  Snap  497 points

@Ruddager - my "winning" strategy so far consists of burning up nearly all of my transfers in the first 7 races, leaving a bunch of 4 point Italians I struggle to swap out languishing in the grupetto swapping macrame recipes. Then making a last ditch guess for Brabantse Pijl, and a final selection for the Ardennes triumvirate hoping none of them fall off their bikes or just don't ride (like Bling)!

So the finally tally after Liege is ...


Hooked on Classic   easytiger   678 points

Ruddager`s Bicycle le Team   Ruddager   617 points

Scrubbers   M@tt   599 points

Monumentally Stuffed Pies   Wattsy   548 points

Lock It In Eddie   Snap   529 points

Canuckunckle   KnuckleHead   389 points

Badger`s frozen digits   SpecialK   365 points

Dunno   Scott D   321 points

The Microdosers   James   320 points

Robs5062   Rob   254 points

Birdie`s Boys   Birdie   216 points

It's been a week @gusk - where is my prize??? A cap or socks from our sponsors, a Freddo Frog ... something???

Well done to everyone for competing, Fantasy Giro is next if anyone is interested.

Congratulations on the win :o)

Good warm up for my le Bicycle Team ahead of the grand tours


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