Yes - Milan-San Remo! 

We let "Strade Bianche - Eroica Pro" go without much of a comment - but this race deserves better. 

Who is your tip from the great field? 

Sagan the World Champ?  Kwiatowski the past World Champ now with Sky? 

Can Fabian win again after his win in Strade Bianche? 

How about some of the big name sprinters?  Or an outsider like Ulissi?

Can an Aussie win?

I'll open up with an old favourite - Vincenzo Nibali.

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Woo yeah!

Sagan would certainly be a contender. Dan Martin. Kwiatowski is a good pick but Matthews or even a hungry Gerrans.

The big question is, will SBS screen in LIVE into SA?

SBS says midnight to 03.00 on its website so we see the Capi, Cipressa and Poggio.  

Yeah, to Sagan... maybe his "mate" Stybar too.  

Yes, but live is live. Paris-Nice was delayed so you couldn't follow it online. I had to stream it on my iPad. They often do show the big ones lines, not in delay.

I don't know Gus... I just hope as always.

Still something going on between gerro and matthews I think because gerro has previously won the race but not even starting this year.  Will be interesting if OGE puts them together in any race.

All the way with GVA

Greg Van Avermaet for mine. Needs a monument!

To go with his new Trident? :-)

He's doing a bit of winning at the moment.

I'm looking forward to it, even though it's not my fave race of the year. Whereas the Strada Bianca needs to be declared a monument right now and forget the fact that it's only 10 minutes old. But to your question....

I'm interested that OGE have plumped for Matthews for these early season races and maybe kept Gerrans fresh for the Ardennes. At least they won't fight each other this way. And we know Matthews wants this in his trophy cabinet real bad.

I'm afraid I can't see Nibali or any climber winning, even though Nibs will give it a shot on the Poggio like he always does. It's simply not his specialty.

Sagan will be tagged the entire way, so he'd have to out-blast them with pure strength on the run home; Lord knows his tactics don't win him a lot of races.

Fabs looks to be in great form and his stealth late attack in Strada Bianche could have been the ideal rehearsal for MSR. Kristoff has shown he loves this race. I'll be curious to see how Dumoulin rides, but I'm not sure if he has the kick at the end. EBH is my smokey.

edit- Ettix have a strong team as usual too. It's interesting that they're giving Gaviria a run. They must have confidence he can get over the climbs with something left in his legs.

Adelaide Cyclists Spring Classics League. join the league after creating your squad with the number 16113852.

You'll have until Saturday morning I think.

Join in, it's easy.

That's 3 teams!! The ' Monumentally Stuffed Pies' are looking great for a podium.


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