See message below from Wendy Thompson at the Torrens2Torrens Project. This is not new information - she’s just confirming what DPTI told us recently at the Friday morning ‘walk-around’ inspection. I believe that T2T may have some additional responsibilities for the work completing the OH Greenway between Chief St and West St. The ‘brickwork and decorative panels’ she refers to are no doubt associated with the OHG’s passage through the old gasworks heritage site immediately to the west of West Streets!
Sam, PortBUG.
“Hi Sam, The Outer Harbor Greenway between Queen Street to West Street, the Torrens Road to River Torrens Project section, is now anticipated to open in July 2018.
The opening has been delayed due to design and constructability issues related to the brickwork and decorative panels that are to be incorporated onto the path in this location. Some short term, intermittent closures of the shared use path will be required in August for minor finishing works. We will endeavour to undertake these works during evenings where practical and will have advance signage in place to alert users to any further, temporary closures.
I will keep you updated if anything changes.
Wendy Thompson
Senior Community Relations Adviser”

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The South Road Overpass is progressing too, ramps are being constructed at either end of the bridge.

East side off McInnes Street:

West side off Day Terrace:

The unfinished bits in between aren't too hard to get around.


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