See message below from Wendy Thompson at the Torrens2Torrens Project. This is not new information - she’s just confirming what DPTI told us recently at the Friday morning ‘walk-around’ inspection. I believe that T2T may have some additional responsibilities for the work completing the OH Greenway between Chief St and West St. The ‘brickwork and decorative panels’ she refers to are no doubt associated with the OHG’s passage through the old gasworks heritage site immediately to the west of West Streets!
Sam, PortBUG.
“Hi Sam, The Outer Harbor Greenway between Queen Street to West Street, the Torrens Road to River Torrens Project section, is now anticipated to open in July 2018.
The opening has been delayed due to design and constructability issues related to the brickwork and decorative panels that are to be incorporated onto the path in this location. Some short term, intermittent closures of the shared use path will be required in August for minor finishing works. We will endeavour to undertake these works during evenings where practical and will have advance signage in place to alert users to any further, temporary closures.
I will keep you updated if anything changes.
Wendy Thompson
Senior Community Relations Adviser”

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it's never going to open, is it

Oh it will, it will. And it'll stay open until the Chief St pathway bridge gets wiped out by a passing truck. The other day I saw a dent in the "low bridge" warning sign, according to a worker standing nearby it had only been up for a few days before a concrete truck hit it.

They get fined for that kind of stuff don't they?

(Sigh) - We've previously been told that the South Rd Bridge would be open in April with only the 150 metres through the heritage-listed Gasworks site (Chief St to West St) being delayed until July. Well we're now advised by DPTI that this update only refers to the South Road Overpass section of the Greenway path. It had mentioned the route 'between Queen St to West Street' so I'm afraid I assumed it referred to the section to the east of the Overpass which includes installation of a new section of 'bicycle bridge' over Chief St and the short length through the gasworks site (which finishes at West St). The update didn't specifically mention South Road so I had assumed that the Overpass opening in April would still be a goer! So it now seems that we are indeed looking at a 'new' delay in that regard. Disappointing really - the word 'interminable' comes to mind. I'm not going to think about it again until Spring! Hopefully there'll be a big opening party...

I'll settle for the Park Tce underpass opening for now, getting through that area is currently a bit of a wriggle.

I am not sure where the path will go once the bridge over Chief St has been constructed. Although footings for the bridge have obviously been constructed there seems to be insufficient space in the old rail reserve to put the path through to East St as the cutting for the lowered rail line encroaches into the space that was previously available for a path.  It will only be possible if they use some of the old gas works land and remove the existing metal paling fence and some of the old stone wall (which is probably heritage listed).  Also, from what could see from the train (which is not much because access to the East St/Second St junction is still restricted), when reconstructing the kerb following the removal of the old East St level crossing, it appears that no crossover or ramp to link to a future path has been included.  Either they are not putting a path there or it will need to be reconstructed.  I think this part of the path comes under the Torrens Rail Junction project not the T2T South Rd project but the info on their website is too vague and lacking in detail so that I cannot get any sense or idea of how this will be done or when.

I'm pretty sure the path will be just fine. As part of the latest shut down of the OH line I believe the tracks were relaid southwards by just enough to get the path in safely. It's not as if it's going to be very wide, what with a high fence separating it from the train.

The old bluestone wall that fronts on to the end of Drayton St at its junction with East St will be going. This will provide space for the Greenway to travel alongside the rail reserve through to West street (about 150 metres to the west). There are a couple of other concrete block buildings and other assorted stuff that will also be cleared away. The hold-up to July is apparently due to 'heritage' processes and because of all the services and utilities that have to be installed (lots of lighting, safety signalling, automatic rail crossings etc). The plan is to open the section from Queen Street through to East St all at once when everything is installed and operating. Hopefully in July...

Lane on west side of Park Terrace is open so east side should be any day. Gibson Street is open to cyclists. The bridge over the railway line to east of Park Terrace should open soon. I understand others are held up where train activated barriers must all be completed before opening on the port line. That has not stopped the crossing near the North Adelaide Railway from opening before the gates are complete. We should aim for a big celebration when it is fully operational in July.

Thanks for this update Savvas.  Yes it is apparent to me that the old stone wall, or at least part of it, adjacent to East St has to go for the path to fit.  Not sure where you got your information as I could not find any details of this on the Torrens Rail Junction project website, but great that you have. Looking forward to the path opening and I will definitely roll up for any official (or unofficial) opening event.

My information came from an onsite explanation from a DPTI representative when I (representing PortBUG) and people from WestsideBUG had a chance to have a guided tour and update of the Torrens Junction project a few weeks ago (see our f/b group and our blog page for more details). The DPTI and TJ project reps were very forthcoming and keen to provide all of the information they could.

The process of installing the various 'services' involved (lighting, plumbing, data connections, automative crossing gates, signals etc) is all surprisingly complex as are the safety, engineering and heritage issues so I'm not surprised that things tend to proceed rather slowly.

There's probably nothing on the TJ web site because the section of the OHG between East and West Streets is not in there brief. I can't quite remember the details bit I think the section in question is more a DPTI project that may be contracted out to the consortium that is constructing Torrens-to-Torrens (ie; the South Rd Overpass etc). You may want to check their web site for a news update. Any DPTI staff on the list may care to clarify... Sam.

The first section from the Park lands to the old Bowden station and Drayton/East St is now open to the public.

The bridge over the railway line:

The Park Tce underpass:


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