What do cycling, driving, laws, consequences, knives, and wooden spoons have in common? A poor understanding of the relationship between crime and punishment.

While SA got to bask in the warm glow of the cycling wonderland that was the TDU, NSW got burned by Mike Baird, and everyone has been busy applying their favourite ointments to it ever since. Here's mine. What are yours?

Let me know your thoughts and suggestions.


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Great read, thanks for that. I find the new laws in NSW baffling to a degree. Firstly the fine increase but the ID thing. As a motorist you have 24 or 48 hours to present to a police station if you don't have your licence on you but cyclist must carry ID. Like you said there hasn't been a spate of John Doe cyclist fatalities or injuries I have seen and I'm pretty sure providing false ID happens across the board. I wonder when pedestrians will need ID so the jaywalking laws can be properly enforced.

Oh on a side note have you seen they have ripped up 5km of separated bike lane in Sydney to make more room for cars. Ironically the lane originally replace car parks not a lane. Ahhhhhhhh

In NSW I believe you're required to carry a license when driving.

If it's for "safety", I wonder if it will also be a requirement for car (and bus even?) passengers to carry ID?

Why should they? Passengers are not in control of the vehicle so there's no point in having to carry ID.

Its all about those who are in charge of a vehicle being accountable for their actions while out on the road... seeing as some cyclists want bikes to be considered as a 'vehicle' then, well... this is one step closer to granting them that wish.

I think the point was that passengers deserve to be safe as well, and if their corpses can't be ID'd on the scene, then we've obviously failed to keep them safe, right?

But really, it's not even going to accomplish increased accountability. ID doesn't make anyone easier to catch, which, ultimately, is the only barrier to being held accountable. If the police stop you for an offence, then, what, are you going to get off because they simply won't be able to figure out who you are on the spot and just let you go?

So, what is ID going to accomplish, exactly?

It wont make it easier to catch anyone but when they do, you would rather Police waste there time and resources taking you in to the station?

So, what is ID going to accomplish, exactly?

Read my previous post...slowly.

Touche. I did misread that.

With a car you have the rego to at least start tracking the Who's-Who's with a dead ID-less biker you got nothin.

It would appear one has 48hrs to front one's license at a police station in NSW.

You must carry your licence with you when driving. This helps the Police
and Roads & Maritime inspectors to check that you are correctly licensed. Penalties apply for not having your licence with you.

The appear would be something I read on sydneycyclists - @-|

I assume you're referring to College street (unless there is another massive bikeway that they've ripped up...)? Yeah, that was somewhat ridiculous.

Assuming it goes through and sticks around (you never know, cyclists might rise up and demand to be heard!), I wonder how strongly they'll bother to enforce it?


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