Notice from CCS re detours on the Outer Harbor Greenway:

"Hello All, I write to notify that the Outer Harbor Greenway in Bowden will be detoured from November 2018 until February 2019 due to road closures of East Street and Drayton Street, associated with infrastructure and decontamination works for the Renewal SA Bowden Development.

Please see map below showing detour to Gibson Street, Fifth Street, Drayton Street and Second Street.

Council will install signs to notify Greenway users of the detour route in the coming days.

Please feel free to use this notification to inform your stakeholder networks. Please contact me should you have any queries.

Thank you and kind regards,

Chris Bentick,
Transport Engineer,
Engineering Strategy and Assets.

72 Woodville Rd, Woodville 5011
T: (08) 8408 1297 F: (08) 8408 1122"

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Much easier to cross the railway line at the Old Bowden Station footbridge and use East St and Chief St on the southern side of the line. You can sticky beak at the demolition on the gas works site better from that side too.

Can you draw this on a map, please? I'm having trouble visualising where you mean, does this involve riding along port road for those sections?

Either use the Port Rd footpath or ride quietly through the car park connecting the two streets, close to the railway line.


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