Hi All,
A friend emailed this link to me.
It's from Youtube of a cyclist riding in Adelaide and is titled 'Not a near miss.'
(You can probably work out why!)

They have a few other cycling videos around Adelaide...the 'near miss' compilation has some driving habits that i am sure we have all seen before.

Try this link:

BTW...Is the cyclist a member of Adelaide Cyclist??

Safe riding,

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Hi Simon,

You've been away haven't you - http://www.adelaidecyclists.com/video/not-a-near-miss


got a few interesting 'discussions' this one....
I've found Greenhill road to be quite forgiving. My wheels is a different colour- but same make. I hope everything is OK. OUCH!
Hi Jeremy, yes I have been off the air...and the roads for that matter as I am recovering from a bad back.

Sorry for the double post everyone.


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