Anyone know what the first page looked like ?  The internet archive gives this for 5 May 2009.  Looks like that is when the current URL started though from the comment at the top.

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This is the first AC event I went to, and when I first met Gus back in April 2010.

I was thinking about Simon Whitely as I rode down Anzac Highway this morning. I saw a driver trying to shield their eyes from the sun turning right into Cross Rd as I rode past. This was how he was killed by a motorist who just didn't see him.

There was an amazing turnout of cyclists, wide media coverage, and Dahondude delivered an excellent speech. Sadly the ghost bike has been removed from that intersection.

Michael, thanks for the link. How do you do the search for other dates or things?

Could see some, not all, of the 58 members on 5-May-2009. Recognised a few names, but most appear to have moved on or be infrequent posters. Teddles avatar is still the same.

Some things change. Near the top right corner are the words "create your own social network on Ning for free!"

Hi Heather

You go here

and stick in a  URL.  Then it shows a horizontal banner which indicates all the dates it has taken a snapshot of that site on.  If you pick a year you get a display of the calendar for that year with days with a snap shot highlighted.  

Not sure you can search for content within pages between certain dates or anything like that.

Have had the same avatar online and have been 'Teddles' for almost 13 years. Edward J. is almost invisible during a online search ;-) How the internet should be IMAO!

Nostalgia of The Mad Hatters Ride on 15-May-2011. A well-attended social ride for all along Linear Park to the sea.

This was the event, albeit sad, that really tipped the scales of AC from me pushing it to having a life of its own.

Dahondude was so saddened by Simon's death that he searched for cycling in Adelaide and joined to create the event. Some said 800-1000 people rode that day and it was also a significant event in Adelaide cycling's modern history that really placed the rights of cyclists front and center and showed there was a community and cycling and safety was important.

"First bike" was another great topic that came up with some great photos. The discussion has been closed but it is still visible.


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