Norton Summit: tacks, oil and sabotage updates and info

By now you're no doubt aware that over recent weeks someone has been deliberately sabotaging New Norton Summit Rd, first with scattered tacks and as of yesterday (8/7/15), oil.

Orginally Bill posted information about this and I thank him for alerting us. I think it's best to post a new 'need to know' post that can be kept up to date.

Any off topic comments will be removed.

Today the Advertiser has written an article mentioning this site so it's best to be able as a community to keep everyone informed. There will be stories on tonight's TV news after approaches by the media.

Most importantly if you have had an incident; report it to the police, share it here as well as on social networks and friends. No one should be hurt.

Read the latest from Twitter.

Personally I don't think we as cyclists should avoid the riding the road we love. If things worsen then some community action might need to be considered such as alert signs, posters or sandwich boards advising to take care or even a police and council supported mass ride as a show of defiance.

What we know:

  • Bill first posted about tacks on June 8.
  • Reports by a cyclist of aggressive behaviour and abuse by a ute driver on Old Norton Summit Rd
  • Report in East Torrens Messenger, June 17
  • Some pins were discover by a Twitter user
  • Tour Down Under announced that stage 4, the community challenge ride, would climb Norton Summit in 2016.
  • Tacks also reported on the Jack Bobridge bikeway at Gawler
  • Weekend of 4-5 July, more tack punctures
  • July 8 - reports of not only tacks but oil being spread at two places. A number of cyclists descending crashed. Police are investigating.
  • July 9 - TV News reports on Channel 10 and Channel 7.

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Hi Bill, sorry to hear that. Did this happen on Norton Summit Rd or Old Norton Summit Rd? 

clever... that made me laugh. thanks

OK, let's leave it at keeping an eye out for aggressive drivers and report them if there's an issue.


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