Up until a few months ago, I would not have thought twice about riding the roads up to Norton Summit, however, having a family member lose his life to a bike v truck accident has made me reasses my riding habbits.


90% of my riding now takes place on the bike pathways but there is very little these paths offer in terms of challenges with hill climbing besides the Southern Express Way and the freeway (yet to ride).  This really leaves me no alternative but to go onto the roads.


Now I know many cyclist ride around that area, but what is the traffic like?  There is no bike lane and I assume most of the roads just have dirt edges. Is safety an issue or there is so many cyclists there on weekend mornings that motorists are well aware that they are not the only ones using the road?


Is it safe?


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Robert, we have a social ride from Elder Park to West Beach next Sunday, why not join us, you will meet plenty of riders who have fave rides and will invite you to join them.
Clive, I am aware of the ride (pancake right?) and that is an option but Im definately and early bird with the riding like 6.30 - 7am starts, especially if the mrs is working Sundays.
I did do the Amy Gillet ride which was fantastic and Im keen to ride with others again, its just a matter of timing for me.
Norton is no. 1 on my to do list atm, but ill see whats happens.
There's no doubt about it Patrick, your hooked.
planning to do it saturday...would doing it again sunday be too much for a first timer??
If you did 100km on AMY. Norton 2 days running should be OK.
i did 60km amy and 30 back...last 20km was a struggle especially considering i had not gone more the 50km in one hit prior.

as im writing this im on bikemap.net working out what im in for. so im keen for both mornings.
Robert im also a early bird,normally gone before 6am.I find doesnt mata where you ride its less traffic that early.Your more than welcome to ride along with myself on sat.Leaving Woody sth at 6am
I don't think I've seen more than a car or two at most anytime I go up there. Mostly there are none. Usually a lot of cyclists passing me on the way up though! The old road is busier and has the quarry trucks on part of it.

woody south? as in goodwood??

ill be riding from tea trea plaza down the bike path. what time do you think youll be at magill & st bernards rd on sat morning?
Hi Robert

I'm sorry to hear as to the loss of someone close.

I have ridden for quite a while now and have noticed myself become more and more "paranoid" when cycling on the roads, mixing it with the cars. Frankly, I have been a MtBike rider for the last 15 odd years for three main reasons - off road trails, when on road I can easily point the bike and exit said road, MtBiking is just plain fun. I'm back on a road bike again and really enjoying the ride but of course I'm that bit more exposed to the cars.

Normally I find truck drivers to be just fine - they are professional drivers. Not always though and of course the large size of the vehicles give us cyclists less space to utilize for our needs. My pet peeve when on the road - drivers who pass too close, and yeah I've been passed within an inch more than once.

My best friend in such soon to be close encounters? My ears - I think it is fairly straight forward to suss out those that require visual appraisal, if that's not an option then I'm off the road or braking in a "sweet spot" - a quick spurt of acceleration can also do the trick. I position myself in what I deem a safe place on the road.

What I'd really like to say I guess is - people ride their bikes on the road every day, as much as people cross the road.

And as to New Norton Summit Rd? Very scenic, much better by bike than by car.
Old Norton Summit Rd - a bloody hoot, and on the top section down where it is narrow the trucks can't keep up!
ross, i have the view that people die in car accidents every day, does that stop us driving.? people die from lung cancer due to smoking, does it stop people smoking? there is definately no reason to stay off the bike and im even looking at getting myself a GIANT DEFY 1 as a xmas pressie but as mentioned before, a lot more thought goes into my rides now.
Hey Jim,
Yeah Ben and I were on that ride, if it wasnt for those circumstances I would not have had the opportunity to see how good Adelaides cycling community is and it has definately made cycling more enjoyable for myself.
The boys at JT were pumping the tyres of this bike a fair bit, guess Ill have to take their word. Will be interesting to see/feel the different from my current bike.


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